More Things to Look For From New YouTube Channels

    August 31, 2009
    Chris Crum

The full launch of YouTube’s new channels is getting to be long overdue, but the date is still unknown at this point. As YouTube keeps saying however, they’re getting closer.

Meanwhile, the channels have been available to those who have tried hard enough to gain access to them, and YouTube continues to make improvements to them. One such improvement just made, is the ability to reorder your uploads, favorites, and lists of playlists.

Users can just click on "grid view" in the upper right-hand corner of the video navigator, and choose which set of videos they want to reorder (uploads, favorites, playlists). Then they just click on the "arrange" link.

Default Grid View is another change the team has been working on. Now users can choose to have their channel default to showing videos in grid view when viewers land on their channel. It will switch back to player view when users click on specific videos.

Of course YouTube has been working on the seemingly never-ending list of bugfixes. Over the past several weeks, YouTube says they have accomplished the following:

– Things should now look much better in IE6

– Fixed some ad box weirdness when there’s no ad to serve

– Took care of the "Unknown playlist requested, please try again" & "An error occurred while performing this operation" errors

– Fixed a case where the scrollbar sometimes wouldn’t appear in the info box

– The handful of people with missing video navigators should now be fixed – let us know if you’re not

– Can now add a video to a new playlist

A couple months ago, WebProNews compiled a big list of new features that users can expect to see from the new YouTube Channels design, when it finally arrives for all. The launch has been delayed, but it is pretty clear there has been a lot to accomplish, so it’s probably better to wait and have things right than to have it rushed out with problems.