More Moms Using Social Media

    February 4, 2009

A new report by Razorfish and CafeMom finds that moms’ digital behaviors change significantly when their children reach 12 years old and that mobile browsing and social media are increasingly influencing moms’ buying decisions.

More Moms Using Social Media

Digital moms have moved beyond email and search, and are now active users of Web 2.0 technologies. The majority of moms are using social networks (65%) and text messaging (56%). More than half are also gamers, with 52 percent playing games online or via a console.

Moms with children 12 and older are motivated to adopt new technologies. Digital moms of children 12 and older compared with moms with children under 12, are more likely to watch online video (40% VS. 34%), game (57% VS. 51%), read online consumer reviews (38% VS. 30%), and watch or listen to podcasts (13% VS. 9%).

TV still has the most impact on creating initial awareness for a product (31%), social channels such as online reviews, blogs and social network sites are influential in the researching stage (29%).

"With the rise of social networking, moms are becoming less dependent on traditional media and brand advertising to inform purchase decisions," said Laura Fortner, SVP of marketing and insights at CafeMom.

"Marketers can extend brand engagement by interacting with moms in their space and leveraging their influence within their social networks."