More December Google Earth Updates

    December 17, 2007

Google Earth

Almost two weeks ago, a post called "December Updates in Google Earth" was made on the official LatLong Blog, and I figured Google’s geographic information system (GIS) specialists were done for the year.  I was wrong, though, as they’ve just released new, more detailed imagery.

As usual, it covers various scattered parts of the globe, and as he often has in the past, Matt Manolides provided clues about where the pictures can be found.  One should be quite obvious: "The imagery above the headquarters of my favorite search engine has been upgraded!"  There’s even a little screenshot featuring blue, red, yellow and green patio umbrellas, if you still need help.


Beyond that, well . . . it’s simpler to turn to the Google Earth Blog, where Frank Taylor and his readers are always on top of this sort of thing.  They list Antarctica, Argentina, Dominica, Poland, and parts of Ireland among the updates.  There are a total of 17 hints, but, depending on your disposition, I won’t either spoil the surprise or waste your time by going into further detail.

This represents yet another truly interesting update to Google Earth, though, and would appear to have a little something for everybody in it.

Now, I’m not going to risk being wrong again, and will just add that this might be the last bit of Google Earth activity we’ll see in 2007.