Mobile Phone Virus Uses Bluetooth and MMS

    March 9, 2005

There is a new mobile virus called Commwarrior that uses both Bluetooth and multimedia messaging services (MMS) to spread itself to other phones.

Many are considering Commwarrior to be the first official mobile phone virus because of the method it uses to infect others. The virus also runs on the mobile OS environment, Symbian Series 60.

The messages say things like “3DGame from me. it is FREE!” and “Nokia RingtoneManager for all models”.

Symantec’s bulletin for Commwarrior contains removal instructions in case you have a mobile phone that gets infected:

To remove SymbOS.Commwarrior.A:

  1. Install a file manager program on the phone.
  2. Enable the option to view the files in the system directory.
  3. Search the drives, A through Y, for the \system\apps\commwarrior directory.
  4. Delete the files commwarrior.exe and commrec.mdl.
  5. Go to the \system\updates\commwarrior directory.
  6. Delete the files commwarrior.exe, commrec.mdl, and commw.sis.

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