Mobile Ads Capture Consumers Attention

    March 8, 2007

The Online Publishers Association has released a study," Going Mobile: An International Study of Content Use and Advertising on the Mobile Web" finds that the mobile platform is becoming an effective source for content and marketing because of strong growth and consumers paying more attention to advertising.

The study found that 76 percent of all consumers in the US and Western Europe have access to the Web on their mobile device, and one third (32%) use it. When it comes to usage the UK leads with 54 percent followed by the US and Italy both coming in at 41 percent.

Internationally 18 percent expect to spend more time in 2007 on the mobile Web. Twenty-five percent in the US say they will spend more time on the mobile Web, followed by Italy at 22 percent and the UK with 20 percent. In addition, 41 percent of those who do not have mobile Web access plan to have it on their next mobile device.

 As for advertising on the mobile Web 34 percent of consumers internationally are willing to watch advertisements in exchange for free mobile content. Europe leads the way with 37 percent willing to watch mobile ads.

Close to one-in-ten consumers made a purchase made a purchase because of a mobile Web ad. Other actions included visiting a Web site (23%), asking for additional information about a product (13%), and going to a store to research a product (11%).

OPA president Pam Horan said, ""Consumers in every country are watching mobile ads and large numbers are being compelled to act. Nearly one quarter of mobile Web users have visited a website based on an ad they viewed, and one out of ten make a purchase. This is a clear indication that the mobile Web is an effective advertising delivery platform and a potentially valuable source of revenue."

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