Might Gmail Be Moving to Unlimited Storage?

    May 8, 2007

The FON blog reprinted a letter from FON CEO Martin Varsavsky about them moving from Microsoft to Linux. It includes this portion (emphasis mine):

So does Gmail if you prefer to use Google tools. And if you would like to send your old e mail to your Gmail account you can try an experimental program web site that we launched today called Gmail Uploader that converts mbox files into gmail. This is a tool that we developed and are going to offer to others to use. This is a slow process but with this you will finally be able to search all your email. Until Gmailuploader old email is like having pictures stored in a box that you cannot open. Gmail will soon be of unlimited capacity and its great to have all your e mail in one site including your old e mail. If you have Microsoft Outlook you have to first install Thunderbird in Windows, and send the Thunderbird files to Gmail Uploader.

See, they’ve released this Gmail Uploader tool that lets you transfer email inbox files right into Gmail, letting you take all your old email, dump it in there, and switch to Gmail full-time. According to them, this’ll make a lot more sense soon, since Gmail will have unlimited capacity. That’s news to me. If Gmail is going unlimited (and it does make sense they’d know, since Google is a major investor), it’d be a lot easier to import old emails, which for many people measures multiple gigabytes. Yahoo already does unlimited email storage, so why not Google?

(via Haochi Chen > Digg)