Microsoft’s Silverlight A Menace To YouTube?

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Soapbox represented Microsoft’s attempt kill YouTube.  It failed.  Actually, since Soapbox was pulled off the market, then reintroduced, you could say that it failed twice.  In any event, Microsoft may now take another shot at YouTube, and this time the company’s hopes rest with Silverlight.

Of course, Silverlight is yet another technology that has had its share of problems.  Chris Duckett even wrote an article titled, “Lights out for Silverlight.”  But he admitted, “The one saving grace for Silverlight is if a YouTube-esque site creates an amazing video experience with Silverlight and it really takes off.”

Which may mean Microsoft and Silverlight are on the right track.  SiliconRepublic.com’s Marie Boran writes, “Microsoft is working with other companies to develop a YouTube-like video-sharing site . . .”  She then went on to quote Tim Sneath, Microsoft’s group manager for a Silverlight team, who appears to have some very interesting things in mind.

“We’ve tried to take it to a different level,” he said.  “[W]e want to enable scenarios like delivering 720p broadcast-quality video over the internet.”

And as for Silverlight not being popular, well, Sneath doesn’t feel at all left out.  “We’re working with large number[s] of different partners, going after firms with large number[s] of unique visitors a month, trying to figure out how to work with companies that want to deliver these rich internet experiences to their customers and have them take this technology and move it forward,” he continued.

That’s about as far as this idea seems to have gotten, however – the planning stages.  There’s no further word about what to expect, or when to expect it.  Still, it’s encouraging to see someone taking another run at YouTube.  YouTube is facing piles of lawsuits, but otherwise, the service could be getting a little complacent.

Microsoft’s Silverlight A Menace To YouTube?
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