Microsofts Qwest For VoIP At Hand

    September 20, 2005

Software titan Microsoft and the telecommunications wizards at Qwest Communications announced their partnership today to offer desktop based VoIP services aimed at small and medium sized business. This makes a powerful entrance into the VoIP arena for Microsoft and a strong team member for Qwest.

The OneFlex VoIP product from Qwest will make an excellent addition to the Microsoft line and the opportunities it presents the software company would numerous. The two companies will combine to offer the VoIP, email, Internet access, collaboration, present, instant messaging and desktop services.

“Although pricing has certainly been a key factor in the early development of the VoIP industry, we believe that it’s the richness of the customer experience that will ultimately drive mainstream adoption of VoIP,” said Michael O’Hara, general manager of marketing for the Communications Sector at Microsoft. “Qwest is focused on delivering greater value to its SMB customers, and we’re pleased to be working with Qwest to offer integrated communications services that enhance their customers’ productivity.”

The benefits for Microsoft are obvious. This will give them one more option to include in much of their software. Microsoft plans on packing this into the Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 as well as Windows SharePoint Services with Sylantro Systems Application Feature Server, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. It’s easy to see it in their upcoming Windows: Vista also. This will provide a simple option to allow small business not only to have all the services mentioned, but, as long as the primarily use Microsoft products, they will have even more flexibility to utilize this VoIP feature, whether it’s in a PowerPoint presentation or just flipping through email.

This will make an awesome addition for Qwest too. Qwest recently fought a number of battles in the telecommunications industry that were something less than fruitful . While the company still remains successful, this will be a major deal for them as it could potentially increase their market share in a lot of different markets and them to other where they previously had no presence at all.

“Small and medium-sized businesses want access to the same types of communications services that large enterprises enjoy today, but the investment and resources required to manage those services have traditionally been out of their reach,” said Tom Richards, executive vice president of the business markets group at Qwest. “With Microsoft, we can make this a reality for our customers. We’ll be able to provide SMBs with powerful, yet easy-to-use telephony and desktop capabilities.”

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.