Microsoft Strikes Back at Apple

People Much Happier With New Microsoft Ads

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Microsoft has rolled out three new commercials after pulling the plug on Seinfeld. In case you missed it, Microsoft launched a $300 million ad campaign starting with two drawn-out ads featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfled. While some thought the ads entertaining and funny, the majority of people (at least those writing about it) were less than impressed.

Yesterday, Microsoft said they would no longer continue with the Seinfeld commercials and that "phase two" would be announced today. Well, "phase two" is here, and there is no Seinfeld to be seen. Rather than explain what happens in the ads like everyone else, I’ll just let you watch them:

The general response to the new ads is much more positive than it was to the Seinfeld ones. Personally, I think they are an improvement, particularly in getting Microsoft’s point across. Another plus is that none of them are four and a half minutes long. I also like the fact that it’s a direct response to the annoying Mac ads. Like Wilson Rothman at Gizmodo says, "Hello Chiat Day [ad agency behind Mac ads] and Apple, time to get some new commercials: you’ve been out maneuvered! — BLam."

It will certainly be interesting to see how Apple responds to Microsoft’s new campaign. Something tells me its going to turn into an ugly mudslinging match reminiscent of any election season. Well, didn’t the Mac ads kind of start that anyway?

MG Siegler at Venture Beat asks, "Now, how long until paparazzi shots of Pharrell or Longoria using Macs turn up on the Internet?" I can see future Mac ads showing such pictures.

Update: Gizmodo is reporting that though these new ads will be focused on more, Microsoft and Seinfeld haven’t parted ways yet.

Microsoft Strikes Back at Apple
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  • http://www.fleming-law.com/3-1_practice-area.cfm?pa=Trasylol Houston Trasylol Lawyer

    Those PC and Mac ads from Apple are sooo played out and almost as annoying as the "Head-On" adverts. Just glad to see something new I guess

    houston trasylol attorney

  • Guest

    The Mojave / Vista commercial is annoying and   to a middle aged non geek, it comes across as a scam. It is not until you go through a few bumps with vista, begin to feel that it is nothing but one huge piece of swiss chees spyware of which you have no control, when you are locked out of files you created by the user program and music is inaccessible due to user control or file system but easily found by programs other than Wm player that you begin to long for win 3.0 and wonder about Mac.One more freeze and crash – oh god. Bring on Mac and I don’t like Mac, cause it’s my husband’s world. So there Microsoft – PR won’t fix that – only you can and I sincerely believe this version of Windows is beyond repair. Bring back Seinfield and Bill at least there is more truth in advertising there.

  • Guest

    It’s so sad that the Microsoft ads are totally reactive to the Apple ads (one would think for what they’re spending they could be more original), which attack the personalities of "PC-types".  I use both systems, a Mac running OS X and a HP desktop running XP, and both systems have their advantages as well as their problems.  I’ve tried Vista and see no reason to switch from XP.  I can’t use the word “upgrade” to change to a new, full of defects, OS.

    I wish both Microsoft and Apple would devote the money they’re sending to ad agencies and TV networks and re-direct it to engineering more reliable operating systems.


  • Svend

     I’ll state right up front, I am a mac user… and I have made an excellent living off my mac since 1988!

    The apple ad’s always have a ring of truth to them, and are totally original. Years later, Microsoft copies Apple’s idea, and once again doesn’t do it well, just like their operating system. (but Microsoft has been doing that for a longgg time, when they first created windows)

    I’d like to see madison avenue come up with an original concept, especially with $300 million to play with.

    That’s my 2 cents ;-)

  • Buck

    I love them. They reflect my view of PC and Mac culture perfectly. Apple is all about image and trendiness while PC and Windows are about real people using technology to change the world and pursue their passions.

    I’m PC and I’m a Ghost Hunter!

  • http://www.umanota.com studio139
     Personally I think that the new ads are a mistake.
    The Gates / Seinfeld ads were amusing, but
    had nothing to do with computing or the virtues
    of the Windows platform.  The Vista ad seems
    like a bait and switch ad, and seems to be saying
    you have to be fooled into trying their new 
    operating system.  The new "I’m a PC" ads
    are a backfire as they fail to address what the
    Apple ads actual do, compare OS X to Vista.
    Windows users have long accused Apple
    users of being zealots but the truth is the loyalties 
    work both side of the street.  Each platform
    has it advantages and basically one suits
    some personalities better than others.
    The real disadvantage of the new ads is that
    Microsoft is obviously playing catchup to 
    Apple, this makes it look as if they are 
    threatened by Apple and desperate to
    not only dominate the OS market ( which they do )
    but to be the only player in the game, which
    is bad for everybody.  Microsoft would have been
    better off extolling the virtues of Vista, showing
    what it really does rather than rising to Apples bait.
  • http://www.worldfire.com Wes Linda

    Wow folks, lets really start at a basic level in this discussion.  Microsoft obviously had planned to phase out the Seinfeld ads, and they did exactly what they wanted them to do. 

    1. Seinfeld ads were silly, whimsical, and basically "mocking" the Apple ads.
    2. Seinfeld ads got the whole world talking about Microsoft and their products.  That’s the point of an ad.  If Microsoft started with the current ads, the buzz wouldn’t be nearly as monumental if they only launched the current ads.
    3. By starting with the Seinfeld ads, which caused buzz, more people are watching and paying attention to the new set of ads.
    4. Finally, these ads aren’t for tech heads, they are for the real world folks that haven’t upgraded their computers.  Realize Microsoft is simply raising awareness of their brand again, they are the Giant, Apple is playing catchup and still has a long way to go.

    Here is the funny thing to me.  I’m a PC user, have been since 3.0.  I’ve owned apple, as recently as 2 years ago.  I use Apple machines in various environments.  Amazingly, I’ve upgraded to vista, with 0 issues.  I have no issues with the performance of any machine I have running Vista.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a "blue screen" of death. 

    Apple has roughly 15% of the personal computer market.  Yet, their machines account for 25% of the sales $$.  Meaning, they are nearly twice as expensive as a PC.  Lets be honest with ourselves folks, and realize that Apple makes a nice product, but Microsoft isn’t "losing" to them.  Over their last fiscal year end, Microsoft grew at a rate of 20%, not bad for an "outdated" software company.  Apple grew at 25%, and at a lower profit level.  I’m sick of listening to the "arrogant apple users" who gripe about products they likely haven’t used for years, and don’t understand what the average user experiences with Windows.

  • http://www.yomi11.com olatokunbo gbolade

    Well i guess we are going to have to wait for apple,s response but i personally like different things about both of them,i presently use windows xp but i think they both risk losing computer user beginers like me(which is still a huge market waiting to be tapped)if their campaigns are overtly aggressive,unfortunately for the seinfeld ad,i thinkit overplayed the average joe angle without exactly hitting the mark,because i maintain these ads are aimed at people like me who are just learning about computer technology and we are still the biggest market out there not so much the ones that know all the computer jargon and so forth.

  • http://www.mindofkennedy.co.uk After Dinner Entertainer

    I’m a P.C. and we’re going for cheap shots with images of world peace and other ‘emotional’ crap just to get people to look at us. Add to the fact that they’ve ripped off the ‘i’m a mac and I’m a pc’ – so are you saying that as a PC you’re unimaginative and always following the macs?

  • http://www.flexoweb.com snt

    If people think Mac is so great, why nobody other than the Laundromat guy uses it?

  • Guest

    I use both, personally & professionally.  I use the pc for games and the internet ~ mac for multimedia apps like music & movies.  I’ve tested Vista and will continue with my XP, because Vista is a lame attempt at copying Mac’s user friendly multimedia apps.  I find it amusing that people are so vehement when it comes to one or the other.  To each his own, I say; we all have different needs and one or the other will satisfy those needs.  The biggest benfit to the Mac, truthfully is the ability to run Windows in parallel or as a dual-boot.  You really can’t beat that.

  • http://www.alexrykov.com Alex website designer

      I used to be strictly pro pc but at the time macs where in the ice age. Now it seems pc is in the ice age compared to macs. Apple has made it so user friendly that it is now difficult to work from a pc.

  • Guest

     I have been Pc user for years, when finally I decided to change. I was tired of bugs, virus and trojans.

    I have been use Mac for a year now, no more bugs and virus, I have no regret. I still missing few things, but it’s something that I can live without it.

    I still have one Desktop PC at home and the best part of Mac, if is really necessary, I can just run my Win XP trough my Mac. So, I have bough in one. I do things in my MacBook that I would never been able to do in a Pc, unless I would have a very expensive Pc.

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