Microsoft Shows Off New Product Search Features

    May 1, 2008
    Chris Crum

The other day, Doug reported that Microsoft Live Search Mobile had added product search abilities to its arsenal, but that is not all that the softies are up to on the product search front.

They’ve been quietly updating features of their Live Product Search, but now they have let us in on just what they’ve been up to. The Live Search blog highlighted (with screenshots) the following details:

– One stop to research product details and find good prices  You see an image and description for each product, reviews from other users, prices to help you find good deals, and spec sheets for many products.

– Feature-based refinements  See which products are reviewed positively or negatively for the features that interest you. View product features such as screen size, battery life, ease of use, and portability.

– Sorting  Sort product results by user ratings, expert ratings, and price.

– Filtering  Filter product results by specific brands, categories, and price ranges.

– Richer product details  Read expert reviews and a spec sheet describing the product.

Microsoft Live Product Search Updates

All of those people that actually use Live Search should be ecstatic that they won’t have to go elsewhere to research products before purchasing.

It’s all about convenience.

Microsoft is promising big plans for in the coming months as well, so we’ll see what other kind of ammunition they’ve got to help them compete in the product search game.