Microsoft Live Search Plans Leaked by Employee

    September 25, 2007

Just ahead of the big event scheduled to take place next week in Silicon Valley, Microsoft landed up in a big problem.

Akram Hussein, one of its employee has posted details about planned changes for 2.0 version of Live Search. Earlier the company was not ready to unveil the changes to even reporters. Microsoft has taken down the posted blog, but the folks at managed to capture the images and the details Hussein provided.

According to the post changes will include:

  • products details & reviews
  • a celebrity search which will rank stars by ‘celebrity xRank’,
  • an improved video search that will allow motion preview of a video search result.

These changes are made to make a headway against market leaders Google and Yahoo. The new Live Search will look something like this.

Live Search

Members at WebmasterWorld showed a mixed reaction. Any how the charm of the official release was spoilt by this act.