Microsoft Cuts Off Pirates

    July 27, 2005

Microsoft announced that it is now requiring Windows Genuine Advantage for use of the Windows Update, Microsoft Update and Office Update sites.

Of course, there are ways of those of you with pirated Windows to get your update on.

From the press release:

Security updates remain available to all Windows users – with or without WGA validation – via the DC or Automatic Updates.

Two offers of genuine software will be available worldwide for Windows XP Professional and Home Edition for customers who unknowingly acquired counterfeit software. Qualifying customers who fill out a piracy report, provide proof of purchase, and send in their counterfeit CDs may receive a genuine copy at no cost. Qualifying customers who submit a piracy report may receive a genuine copy of Windows XP Home Edition for $99 ($U.S.) or Windows XP Professional for $149 ($U.S.). The latter offer will be fulfilled online and via CD through postal mail to help customers get genuine Windows as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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