Microsoft Books Chuckles With Home Server

    January 9, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

“Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House? Helping Your Child Understand the Stay-At-Home Server” has been making the rounds of the blogosphere, as Microsoft’s Windows Home Server ad campaign picked up steam at CES 2008.

Of course the purported children’s book shown at Gizmodo has a long title. It’s Microsoft. Yahoo would probably call it “Server!” if they did Little Golden-style books.

The book is part of the Windows Home Server marketing blitz. “Offices are why big people get grumpy, and say bad words,” reads one of the pages.

At home, of course, it’s a different story. The stay-at-home server is Daddy’s special gift to Mommy (that’s from the book; I can’t make this stuff up.) But beware, people might make fun of your home server (why, because it’s running Windows?)

We can imagine a few other Microsoft-oriented titles for the kiddie set that should see the light of day. How about these?

“Why is Daddy so Angry the first Tuesday of Every Month?”

“A, B, C, BSoD”

“Uh Oh Mommy, What’s A WGA Check?”

“I Cleaned Out the Registry All by Myself!”

You get the idea.