Mexican Hitmen Solicit Online

    July 14, 2008

Police in Mexico are investigating online classified ads from hitmen that offer their services for the sum of $6,000.

One post on a classified Web site, that features free ads for selling appliances and renting apartments, advertises the services of an "ex-military hitman, professional and discrete." The hitman’s ad says,"job guaranteed in 10 days or less" and boasts "I have worked in Spain, only serious offers, $6,000."

The police say they are taking the online ads seriously as they continue to battle violent Mexican drug cartels and organized crime gangs. Around 1,700 people have been killed this year in gun battles with rival cartels and soldiers and federal police who are trying to end the lawlessness.  Gangs frequently hire paid killers using high-caliber weapons for their hits.

"The problem of hitmen is real and we are facing it all over the country — people offer their services to kill someone for a price," city police official Miguel Amelio Gomez was quoted as saying in the daily Reforma newspaper.

On one of the online ads, titled "Hitman Killer for Hire," says "Problems with a certain person? Want it taken care of? Write me. I am 100 percent professional and don’t charge in advance."