Metallica OK With New Album Being Pirated?

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In a display of hypocrisy that seems like it could almost be taken directly out of a lyrical interpretation of a track from Metallica’s own "…And Justice for All" album, the band’s drummer and well-known music piracy combatant, Lars Ulrich, has now said that he doesn’t care if Metallica’s new album is pirated.

Metallica - Death Magnetic

There is probably not a person reading this that isn’t at least somewhat familiar with Metallica’s history of music downloading issues. Their beef with Napster pretty much cracked the whip on the entire illegal download litigation circus that has been raging for nearly a decade.

The band’s upcoming album "Death Magnetic" was leaked recently, and Lars (presumably speaking for the band as usual) has no problem with it. "It’s 2008 and it’s part of how it is these days, so it’s fine. We’re happy," he says.

Metallica was heavily criticized over their battle with Napster for being hypocritical in the first place, given that members (including Lars) used to talk about trading copies of tapes of other artists back when they were first starting the band. Brushing the piracy of their latest album off so lightheartedly could be construed as an attempt to bolster the band’s reputation, after having lost the respect of so many of their fans (after all, Metallica used to be all about "fighting the establishment" didn’t they? Well, that and Pharaohs, and alcohol).

Anyhow, they seem to be trying pretty hard to gain back some respect. They’ve even been offering some of their new tracks on MySpace as part of their new "embracement of the Internet." They’ve even promised a return to a more classic Metallica style with the upcoming album (another issue that has alienated some of the bands’ fans, but that’s another story).

If Metallica wants to be "cool" again, then good for them. They seem to be content leaving the outrage over leaked music to former tour-mate Axl Rose for now. I doubt Metallica’s label is quite as content. It would still be interesting to see if this Metallica leak affects first-week sales of the album.

Metallica OK With New Album Being Pirated?
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  • David Gerard

    "It’s the way business is done these days," Mr Ulrich said. "And there’s the novelty of anyone wanting to listen to a new Metallica album." http://tinyurl.com/5vn4r4

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    Great aricle

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Gareth – Design

    Metallica!!! Nice Read – Thanks!

  • http://www.alliedwarmachine.com Drenalin

     Right on. In a world that exists far far away. Where glass houses are built high on hills with black Mercedes and white marble pools in 30 acre backyards, hypocriticallica rocks on. Not even bothering to write songs anymore, they have become content to trade riff tapes back and forth and then when in studio fit the riffs together in a disjointed manner. Sorry folks, I was one of the masses back in the day who listened and even learned all the songs and would crank my stereo through the roof while playing my gibson guitar through my marshall amp along to Master of Pupets, Ride the Lightning, Kill ‘em All. Hell I even had the little known "Creeping Death" record. Then along came And Justice for All … and I thought wow – they have grown. I was happy with the dierection they were taking. It was new – but still pretty damn heavy. Then along came the "Black" album – wow whole new sound and style. Not exactly Metallica anymore but ok. Good music. Ok .

    Then on MTV one day L. U. and J. H. were asked a question about if they thought the new style of music and new sound they had would alienate there fan base. J. H. spoke up and said "we don’t need them anymore." L.U. spoke up with "We are getting new fans every day with our new sound." Right there I knew they lost the music and the vision. They caught sight of the all mighty dollar. As a musician I know it’s not all about the music, but in that same way – it’s not all about the money either. When it is, you nolonger care about the product. Let’s face it. If this new album didn’t have th name Metallica on it – do you think it would sell or even get air play? It is a painful disjointed mess. But it does have hints of old school Metallica, it’s just on a riff here and a riff there basis.

    They aren’t and haven’t had my money in a long time. the last Album I bought from Metallica was the "Black" album. I have never downloaded any of there music. I never will. I have however re-purchased the Master of Pupets and Ride the Lighting albums. They keep getting "borrowed" from me and never returned. That is just a testament to how good they "were".

  • http://www.brolen.com Brolen – Juan

    I’ve been a great fan of Metallica but after listening “St. Anger” album I knew metallica is no longer metallica anymore. Anyway I would still buy “Death Magnetic” because I simply must need to find out what’s in it. I simply don’t want to ditch them now. Their old albums are really good and will always be in my favorites.

    By the way, “Chris” thanks for the article.

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    In times of Google, everyone has to review their marketing strategies.
    What about in Metallicas

  • http://pokredyt.pl Kredyt

    Mettalica rulez !!!

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