Me Want Mac Mini

    January 23, 2005

Mac Mini is such a cute name for a computer that it makes you wonder if this Mac is just a childs toy.

Here’s what people are saying about Mac Mini …

“”The Mini isn’t for everybody, however. Some would call it too pint-size–even the familiar ring you hear when firing up a Mac sounds muted on the Mini. It’s not that much of bargain, either. You can buy a fully equipped Dell desktop PC, with a flat-panel monitor, for the same price, according to Dell’s Web site. I’m not going to trade my IBM laptop for a “headless” Mac, either–I like its substance and style.”

“somebody leaked me this video… it demonstrates how to crack-open the mac mini’s casing, which makes all parts available to the user via further disassembly screws. I’m not sure if it’s legal for me to post this or not, but here it is! (until I hear differently, this will remain available here.)

download the movie… (requires quicktime to view. it’s free….)
see also: my newer post with a complete PDF of how to take the entire Mac Mini apart… with high-res photos and a list of required tools! niiiceee!!”

“Though it’s small–more compact than the average lunchbox–this system isn’t rickety. It handled most tasks I tried gracefully, without hesitating or freezing. The 512MB of RAM and the solidness of OS X 10.3 have a lot to do with that, but the 1.25-GHz G4 CPU also makes a difference. I opened half a dozen applications and switched among their various windows without any slowness.

My bottom line? If I were recommending a starter system to someone (who hadn’t already taken a side in the Mac versus Windows holy war), I wouldn’t hesitate to send them in the direction of the Mac Mini.”

“Now, there are lots of reasons to like Apple. MacOS 10.3 is a great operating system. Apple’s designs are certainly far easier on the eye than Dell’s mini-towers. And the G5 is a great processor but, oops, the Mac Mini ships with a G4. So let’s not get too carried away about the “cheap” Macintosh. It’s cheap relative to past Apple systems, but you can still get a complete Wintel system for considerably less.

Personally, I think the Mac Mini is cool, and I hope Apple sells a boatload of them on its own merits. It’s sleek, slick, and ships with MacOS 10.3. But don’t buy one as a cheap alternative for grandma.”

“For $500 you get far less than what you could get with a much better configured PC.

Let’s look at the stats and see what you get and don’t get.

Mac Mini, $499, 1.2GHz processor, 256MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, DVD-ROM/CD-RW.

For $599 you get a 1.4GHz processor and an 80GB hard drive.

What you don’t get are a monitor, mouse keyboard.”

“I’ll probably get the cheapest one that has a WLAN card built in. I’m not too concerned about speed or writing DVDs or how much memory it has, since I don’t think this Mac, or any Mac for that matter, will become my main computer.”

“It was only a matter of time. Someone got their hands on one of the new Mac Minis and figured out how to open it without destroying it (Slashdot). Some fellow has the video up on his blog (wonder how long he’ll survive the slashdot effect). I’ve managed to snag the video already, so if he does go down, I may make it available to interested parties. A review site has also gotten their hands on a bare motherboard.”

“On my initial review of the Mac Mini I reported that upgrading memory on your own might void the warranty, however MacMinute reports that this is not the case unless you break something. “

“If you want real benchmarks read CNET or Macworld. This is my opinion of the Mini based off of my 2+ years playing with OS 10 and Apple hardware. First the memory i put in the Mini (pumping it up to 1gig) really helped. The 1.4ghz G4 did not seem light years faster than the 1ghz G4 in my Powerbook 12″, but it was faster.”

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