Mayer: Google Still Not Making An Operating System

    April 24, 2008

Question-and-answer routines can be pointless; take "are we there yet?" as an example relating to road trips.  It’s sometimes worth asking the same old thing, though, and in response to a question about Google operating systems, Marissa Mayer gave the usual reply: we’re not pursuing one.

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 Marissa Mayer
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Well, all right.  In the long term, it seems unlikely that Google won’t make an operating system; all the random pieces it’s put out might already equal half or two-thirds of a finished product.  Also, the company’s not exactly friends with Microsoft, and Vista remains as unpopular as ever.  Hence the checking-in.

But Stephen Shankland reports, "Google has no plans for a desktop operating system, said Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience, in an call-in show Wednesday, KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny."

It’s hard to get a more authoritative source than that, and Mayer was as much on the record as a person can be, so the matter can probably be put to rest for another few months.

Next up in the department of questions with obvious short-term answers: whether or not the search giant intends to make use of the domain names and