Matt Cutts on Social Media Links in Google

Possible Changes to Social, But Not Specifically FOR Social

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Google’s Matt Cutts has really been taking the bull by the horns when it comes to reaching out to the community. He’s posted another answer to a user question (yesterday we looked at his response to one about Google’s spell corrections) via YouTube video.

This time the question strikes a pretty timely and relevant topic that WebProNews has discussed a few times in recent memory. That is the relationship between social media and SEO/link building. The question Matt tackles is:

Has Google Changed the relevancy it awards to social media sites in the last six months?

Matt implies that Google doesn’t look at it like social network links are different from any other links. "We tend to think about links, and whether they’re useful," he says. No surprise there. Why should a link get any more or less weight just because it’s social?

Matt does say that he was in a meeting where they were talking about a change that does "slightly different weihgting" for how they do some types of links and anchors and that could have an effect on social media sites, but that was not the intent of the change.

So when it comes to the question at hand, he basically says yes, they’ve probably changed the way social sites are weighted, but not for the reason that they are social media sites. "It hasn’t been….’oh let’s change how we think about social media sites,’" he says.

It’s all about the user experience, and that shouldn’t come as a shock. Matt says Google’s open to doing what they need to do in this area. More on the relationship between social media and SEO.

Matt Cutts on Social Media Links in Google
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  • http://www.westcoastvinyl.com/windows.html West Coast Vinyl

    There shouldn’t be any differences in the weight for social media links. A link is a link, if it comes from a quality website, then its worth the weight as it always has been.

    • http://www.maps4pets.com/ julia – maps4pets

      I agree. From some of the more recent articles that being bantered around Google does take into consideration social media links. The arguement as do-follow and no-follow doesn’t carry any weight is not clear however in a recent Matt Cutts interview he hesitated before answering, quoting something along the lines that ” he wasn’t going to give away the secret sauce recipe “…or something along those lines.

  • http://www.GoldmineBlogging.com/index.php Make Money With Twitter Easily

    I have found that it is best to not worry too much about what Google is doing. They from what I have read, change things up so regularly that it is almost impossible to know for sure what is true, and what isn’t. Matt Cutts did mention that Google changes things up hundreds of times a year. I have read they cycle through a series of algorithms in order to trick people that are trying to gain an unfair advantage in the search results. They are following an “Elitist” mindset. Favoring big corporate brands, by hand picking them for top google search results is just sickening. My passions, and dreams are on the internet. One of my favorite things to do is trial and error with getting a website of mine to the top page rankings of Google. I wish Google would not be a monopoly anymore and some other small fish comes along to take up a presence, of course providing a more fair, advanced search engine would be nice too!

  • http://linkdirs.blogspot.com/ Eric

    So, there is no difference in the quality of links, its just the way Google sees social media itself? I sort of don’t get it…
    Whether I get it or not, one thing I have been observing for quite some time now, and that is Google don’t value a social media link as a high value link anymore. I don’t see backlinks from Digg to my site anymore in the SERPS when i put the query link:mysite.com. They used to be there a few months back.

  • http://www.seofokus.se Peter Isaksson

    I have noticed that social media content ranks well. Even when it comes to profiles in Twitter. My Twitter profile ranks no. 10 on the swedish keyword “webbanalys” (webanalytics) and has reach this point within a month. What makes it more interesting is that we launched a new site about webanalytics at the same time and that site don

  • http://hypotheeklenen.net Hypotheek

    So they do have changed the way social sites are weighted. I have noticed that some things have changed in this area. This shouldn’t be so.

  • http://www.receptionfanatic.com Reception Fanatic!

    Thanks for the information yall. I have been manually linking building and the Social Networking Sites were\are my 1st priority! I have built over 100 links and I am happy to hear (thus far anyway) that they will just be counted as a Link and not relative to what my site is about.

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