Burns Up Some Users

    November 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

As faces a lawsuit from a man who claims the dating service set him up with an employee on a phony date, a couple of other users have come forward with their experiences with the online personals service.

The lawsuit filed by Matthew Evans in Los Angeles against IAC’s seeks class action status. Based on email I’ve received, there may be a few people will to participate.

One woman told me she married a man she met through the site. She claims Match did not screen this particular man, as he turned out to be an “online predator” who ran up a bunch of bills and was looking for his next victim while they were still married.

Another woman described how, at the end of her Match membership, she suddenly began to receive lots of “winks,” emails, and profiles from the service after receiving very little in the way of those during her membership. She also said a friend of hers received similar attention after canceling her membership.

Yahoo Personals has received similar legal attention, as a user of its service has filed suit in San Jose and accused Yahoo of pumping up its listings with bogus profiles of nonexistent singles.

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