Martha Stewart Taps SEO For Apprentice

    September 28, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

If David Karandish doesn’t win the competition for a place at Martha Stewart Omnimedia, he can always go back to his SEO gig.

One of the people seeking a break from the rigors of entrepreneurship has a background familiar to the WebProNews audience. Danny Sullivan noted how he discovered Mr. Karandish works in the SEO sector:

Member Promediacorp (Avi Wilensky) at our SEW Forums dropped me a note to say one of the contestants on the current series of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart hails from the world of SEO.
The contestant is David Karandish, who is described on The Apprentice site as “owner and creator of an internet advertising company.” His company is over here, where SEO is the first solution listed.

The profile for Mr. Karandish on the Apprentice modestly lists his accomplishments:

David, the youngest candidate, was a charismatic student at Washington University in St. Louis and was known to lecture classes at the request of his professors. The American Mensa member now earns six figures as the owner and creator of an internet advertising company…

As Danny Sullivan noted, it will be interesting to see if he manages to work in any details on search engine optimization while he’s part of the show. One question that occurs is, if he’s making six figures already as his profile states, why would he want to work for someone else?

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