MapQuest Gets its Own Street View

AOL-Owned MapQuest Introduces Street-Level Imagery

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AOL’s MapQuest has announced the launch of "360 View," a feature that may remind Google users of Google Maps Street view. For now, it’s available for 30 cities and 13 suburbs in the United States, with more on the way.

"We have studied our industry, gleaning tidbits here and there, and polled our customer base in creating a simple, easy-to-use interface that fits seamlessly into the MapQuest mapping experience you have come to know and understand," says MapQuest.

You can tell when an area has 360 View coverage when you are zoomed out. It looks something like this:

350 View on MapQuest

When searching for specific places, the coverage is presented in a format very similar to Google’s. There is a button for it alongside the the other buttons like "Gas Prices," "Traffic," etc., and there is a link to 360 View (when available) in the box that pops up for a specific location.

350 View on MapQuest

Once a user is in 360 View mode, they are presented with a side-by-side view of the street-level imagery, and the map imagery. On the 360 View side, users can click on the orange dots to advance their direction, and click and drag the image itself to pan horizontally or vertically. Users can also use the green arrow on the map side to move their view on the other side.

350 View on MapQuest

It’s interesting that MapQuest is getting street-level imagery years after its biggest competitor, but better late than never right? In the US, MapQuest still sees a substantial amount of traffic. According to data from Compete, it had over 38 million unique visitors last month.

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MapQuest Gets its Own Street View
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  • http://360videoblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/mapquest-360-view-with-immersive-media.html UnderCam

    Congrats to MapQuest and Immersive Media for staying in the online mapping game. As a former street team driver on Street View, I can tell you that street level imagery collection is a long hard road. Google scaled it well, as did Bing. MapQuest’s 30 cities is a good start and their users will enjoy it as much as the rest of us do.

    The question is: Since Immersive Media also shoots 360 degree video, will MapQuest have that advantage in the future? @video360

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