Making Your Vocation Your Vacation

    September 3, 2003

“The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” — Mark Twain

How did you spend your summer?

(Those of us/you in the Northern hemisphere.)

Did you spend it diligently updating your site, or on developing new offers ready to greet the “busy season” that is almost upon us? Now it’s time just to sit back and wait for all those orders to come rolling in, right?

Yeah, we WISH! :-)

Don’t fret if you didn’t get everything done yet, because this time of year is frequently better at inspiring us to make order out of our chaos than New Year. (Apparently, this might be due to Virgo’s industrious influence.)

Maybe it’s just a cultural habit we’ve developed out of the need to get organized at the beginning of a new academic year — even if we’re no longer *officially* in school.

And certainly, the incentive of jingling sleigh bells in a few short weeks (yes), accompanied by the similar tune of some extra pocket change, DO make it a good time to push ourselves forward with renewed enthusiasm and hope.

On another positive note, if you haven’t actually taken a vacation, then at least you won’t be suffering from what our TV news last night called, “Post Vacation Syndrome”.

It didn’t have a name back in my day, but I can certainly identify with that depressing feeling of not wanting to get up nor go back to that awful office after any break.

And not having to suffer from this distemper any more is certainly another big item to tick in the PROS column when deciding to work for yourself, doing something you enjoy.

Your outlook at this time of year may actually be a good indicator of whether you are on the right track, or not.

Do you feel eager anticipation, do you dread the tasks before you, or something in-between? Use your *gut* to help you take stock and adjust your ideas where necessary.

You still have to work at it, but this way becomes fun. The demarcation between vocation (work) and vacation (play), all but disappears. Whilst working from home is unlikely to reduce your hours in the short term, this, I feel, is a much more fulfilling and enduring compensation.

Copyright 2003 Pamela Heywood
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