Making Huge Sales in No Time Part IV

    July 29, 2004

In this series I am detailing how I put together an affiliate promotion in just 3 days and made over $5,000 in sales-and how anyone can imitate these same techniques.

So far we have seen how to plan your super promotion.

Marlon Sanders had publicly challenged me the first of the year to sell more of his products, so I decided to promote Marlon’s Marketing Dashboard product, planning to sell 200 copies.

I chose to promote using a special event (in this case I decided to do a teleseminar with Marlon) and get others to give me free advertising in their newsletters.

Here is how I put that together:

I began by writing Marlon (and his assistant Lisa) a nice tongue-in-cheek note:

Marlon and Lisa,

I’ll sell 200+ of your Dashboards in a couple weeks, but I need a little help.


Man, I gotta tell ya…you have been putting out the flat out best affiliate materials for the last several months–and this year you really kicked it into high gear.

It reminds me of the motivational materials I used to get when I sold vacuum cleaners door to door. I don’t know of anyone who is doing anything like it. Kudos.

Now, about you “callin’ me out…”

You Texans are really into that high-noon thing, huh? “Kevin Bidwell–you did blah, blah, blah…” right there for everybody to see…

How could I not respond?

[Actually, I appreciate the exposure.]

Here’s what you can get from me…

* 200 sales of your Dashboard. About $12K. Cha-ching.

* Back end promos of your entire line, creating a nice stream of additional sales as I expose those buyers to your additional products. Another $2-4K in February. Total up to $16K.

* An Official Internet Guru coffee mug. You can see your new mug here:

[Hey, I’ll throw in one for Lisa and Debbie too!]

BUT I need a SMALL FAVOR to deliver you up to $16,000 in sales by the end of February…

(Don’t worry, it’s fun and it won’t cost you a penny…you can do it from your house in your slippers if you want…)

For everyone who buys the Dashboard through me I want to offer a 2 hour teleconference interview with you. We’ll set it up at your convenience. I get to pick your brain and they get to listen in live.

Oh yeah, I’d like the commissions too 😉

Can we get it done?

Let me know.

Kevin (606)539-0091

Marlon wrote back almost immediately and agreed, and we set a date for the teleconference. I put up a promotional page

and started counting my future earnings-happy as a “pig in slop” (as we say here in Kentucky.)

Then I got sick.

I’ll cover that in my next article.

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