Luxury Travelers Love Online

    March 23, 2006

Just received a whole host of interesting stats from a study by Yahoo Search Marketing.

[Warning/Disclosure/Caveat: I have copied this verbatim from what was emailed to me. So please don’t shop me to the New York Times] 😉

Luxury travelers are largely between the ages of 40 and 64 with an average income of over 70k and take nearly four vacations per year, mostly concentrated in the U.S. Half of the vacations planned include luxury accommodations or cruises.

The majority (87%) of all luxury travelers used the Internet and 57% used search to research and shop for travel. 61% purchased their latest trip online.

65% of luxury travelers claimed they “couldn’t make a good decision without search”.

Search provides luxury travelers with information that can’t easily be found elsewhere (77%) and also helps them learn about unique and exclusive packages (70%).

Keyword search is unsurpassed as a comprehensive (81%) and fast (77%) source for gathering information about luxury travel.

Search was cited as the most widely used source for travel research by 57% of survey participants. Traditional media sources yielded less than 20% usage.

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