LiveMSN.TV In Netherlands

    March 13, 2006

Miel points to a short segment online video news show (reminds me of Rocketboom) that MSN is doing in the Netherlands.

It’s called Live MSN TV, and I wouldn’t mind if they brought an English language version of it to the US.

The MSN team from The Netherlands came up with branded internet television. LiveMSN.TV aims especially for the advertising, marketing & media professionals. MSN.TV is intended for people who want to see the world change fast and who want to stay up to date with the recent developments. The shows are mostly in Dutch.

They’ve got a whole bunch of sponsors, so it must be doing somewhat well. The latest segment is about some sort of karaoke site, and I didn’t even have to understand the language to know it was funny.

The only issue: The interface is entirely in Flash and requires a free login. I can’t tell how someone would link to videos, and I don’t see an RSS feed.

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