Live Search Not Default In IE7?

    October 20, 2006

Trying out new software and reporting what you find is a lot of bloggers engage in, especially when it comes to something popular controversial like Internet Explorer. Currently, yours truly is putting Firefox 2.0 RC3 through its paces (I like it), which is what a lot of people are doing with the latest release of Microsoft’s much-maligned browser.

One well-known search blogger, Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped, is trying out IE7 and he came across an interesting discovery – MSN’s Live Search is not the default search engine for the browser’s search function (I can’t duplicate this test at work because I’m running Windows 2000). As odd as it sounds, Google was Phil’s default search, although that occurrence probably has to do with his previous settings.

Because he wanted to test Live Search from IE7, Phil tried to switch over and discovered something else – when he tried to remove Google, nothing happened. It sounds like MSN is deferring the browser search function to other companies… Undeterred, Phil tried to switch search providers going through the list provided by Microsoft and this is what he discovered:

Fiddling around a bit more, I realized that instead of taking this buggy route, I can click on “find more providers” in the search box expander… which, however, is a page which does not include MSN search anywhere (there’s “Live Search” with a tiny Windows icon, but that’s it… will everyone instantly recognize this as Microsoft search?). Did the Redmond guys adopt Google’s “don’t be evil” policy just when Google themselves are loosening up a little?

Considering how many people conduct search from their browser, I would’ve figured MSN would use this opportunity to show of their engine. It appears this is not the case, at least right now. Perhaps when Vista finally comes out, Live Search will be IE7’s default engine.

Postscript: WebProNews’ Mike McDonald made his WPN Video Blog debut yesterday with an awesome search optimization tip that can help improve rankings in Google and beyond. The funny thing about it is it’s a fairly simple tip, but one that many forget to implement. Check it out.

Chris Richardson
Staff Writer | WebProNews Blog

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