LinkedIn For iPhone 3.0 Launches

    December 29, 2009

Professionals who both own iPhones and are members of LinkedIn are in for a treat.  LinkedIn for iPhone 3.0 has been released, and the new app (which remains free) represents an improvement over the old one in almost every way.

The most obvious change comes in the form of a fresh user interface.  Adam Nash, Vice President of Search and Platform Products at LinkedIn, explained in a blog post, "We’ve worked to bring the most common and important features to the top of the application, to make it easy to get what you need as quickly as possible.  We wanted to make sure that even if you only have thirty seconds to spare, you can get something done."

Nash and LinkedIn’s designers seem to have achieved their goal, too.  The search feature’s been overhauled.  New profile screens offer important details, a list of common acquaintances, and the option to "favorite" a person.  And it’s possible to filter updates according to favorite people, all updates, status updates, profile updates, and discussions.  (Plus users can now comment on updates.)

Finally, LinkedIn for iPhone 3.0 introduces an interesting new feature called In Person.  Nash wrote, "Leveraging the new Bluetooth capabilities in iPhone 3.0, In Person allows you to find and connect with other people running the LinkedIn application in real time."

Users’ reactions have been largely positive so far.  Some people are waiting for Android and BlackBerry versions of the new app, and there have been other complaints, but LinkedIn has promised it’s not just resting on its laurels following this release.

On the whole, it looks like LinkedIn’s taken a significant step towards becoming more common and popular.

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