LinkedIn Does Some Redesigning of Its Own

    March 23, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook is not the only social network doing some redesigning. LinkedIn has made some changes to users’ inboxes on the homepage.

These changes are certainly not as drastic as Facebook’s which have the community in an uproar. I might be wrong, but I don’t expect much of a backlash here. The inbox now only appears on your home page when you have unread messages (though your inbox and read messages will always be available from the left-hand navigation bar).

LinkedInbox on the Homepage

The main page of the inbox has a new tabbed structure. "At a glance you can now see all your messages and easily drill down by applying a filter, for example invitations," explains Mario Sundar at the LinkedIn Blog.

The New LinkedInbox tabs

Late last week, LinkedIn also launched a feature that allows group owners and managers to create custom news streams composed of RSS or Atom feeds, or plain URLs. Managers can create a feed tailored specifically for their group.

"Group members will benefit by having a comprehensive news digest readily available to them on LinkedIn," says LinkedIn’s Jen Granito. "It can be a great way to discover new blogs and sources because they were shared in to the group and last, but not least, group members can discuss hot topics that are a result of this stream."

LinkedIn News Feeds

If group managers have enabled news and discussions, users can locate the feature under the news tab in "Latest News." Users can also recommend feeds with suggestions.