LinkedIn, CNBC Connect

    September 4, 2008

The LinkedIn network is all about business.  CNBC has the word right in its name ("Consumer News And Business Channel").  So a new partnership between the two entities seems logical as well as productive.

LinkedIn will benefit by being exposed to any CNBC watchers who haven’t heard about it yet.  An official statement declares, "[C]ommunity-generated content from LinkedIn will be broadcast on CNBC including survey results and on-air Q&As with CNBC guests and reporters."  LinkedIn functionality will be integrated into, too.

Mark Hoffman
 Mark Hoffman

As for what CNBC will get from the deal, access to information from those 27 million LinkedIn members isn’t such a bad thing.  In addition, its articles, financial data, and video content should get promoted on LinkedIn.  More clicks and advertising revenue are bound to result.

Mark Hoffman, CNBC’s president, observed of the arrangement, "This is the perfect collaboration between CNBC’s viewer base of well-educated and affluent professionals and LinkedIn’s powerful professional network.  For quite a while, CNBC has been asked when will it enter professional networking.  This question has been clearly answered today with the announcement of this alliance between two companies that provide news, information and products to the highest end audience available on TV and the Internet."

The only flaw in the grand announcement is the fact that Hoffman’s LinkedIn account has just four connections.