Lijit Receives $3.3 Million In Funding

    June 26, 2007

Blog search is getting better – or at least richer – as Lijit Networks just secured $3.3 million in funding.

Compared to the tens (or hundreds) of millions of dollars that bigger companies throw around on a weekly basis, I realize $3 million’s not much.  Yet compared to Lijit’s previous financing round – in which just $900,000 was raised – this will do nicely, and Todd Vernon, CEO of Lijit, writes, “As a result of the funding, we are looking for some more people to augment the team (we’ll double it).”

But you may well ask what it is that this team does.  “Lijit allows you to easily create your own search engine, which searches your blog, blogroll, bookmarks, photos, and more,” according to the company.  “By offering the Lijit Search Wijit on your blog, readers can search all of YOU and receive amazingly relevant results.  In turn, Lijit gives you detailed statistics about the searches performed, such that you can better understand and serve your reader community.”

Sounds interesting, right?  And Lijit appears to work as advertised.  One (very) minor complaint is that, when representing “all of YOU,” things can get a little crowded – take a look at Fred Wilson’s page, for example – but that’s not Lijit’s fault.  Also – and this is more of an observation than a criticism – the displayed “recent searches” can get a little strange (Wilson’s profile has been searched for “dog,” “breasts,” “diabetes,” and “music”).

All in all, however, Lijit is looking pretty good, and that fresh $3.3 million isn’t likely to make matters worse.

Hat tip to Michael Foroobar.