Lenovo Tablet Lightweight But Price-Heavy

    June 6, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The new maker of IBM personal computers has introduced the ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC to the market on June 14.

At 3.5 pounds and 1.14 inches thick, the new tablet won’t strain too many backs. But pricing starting at $1,899 USD could be more strain than consumer pocketbooks will take.

The X41 has a 12-inch writable screen, and in a nice update the digitized pen will not require batteries, as is common for digital pens from other manufacturers. Also the X41 will include a fingerprint reader for added security. It will run Microsoft’s Windows XP Tablet edition operating system.

Also, the X41 includes a full size keyboard, and a hinge that lets the new machine function as either a tablet or a notebook machine. The device will support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless connectivity.

Certain battery options will give users over six hours of use, or even over eight hours when combined with a separate Extended Life Battery. And one unique enhancement called the Active Protection System employs a motion sensor.

That sensor detects some kinds of falling or dropping, and stops the hard drive from spinning in an attempt to mitigate damage or data loss to the drive.

There may not be great demand in the broader consumer market for tablet PCs, but certain vertical fields like insurance and healthcare have requested the device.

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