Launch Of MSN Messenger 7.0, Spaces Presents Advertising Opportunities

    April 8, 2005

With new or improved web communication properties comes new advertising potential. At least, that’s the way Microsoft is approaching yesterday’s launch of MSN Spaces and the release of MSN Messenger 7.0.

These launches present what Microsoft refers to as, “new opportunities for advertisers to more deeply integrate their brands into consumers’ overall communications experience with the latest version of MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces.”

To celebrate the lauches, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Volvo, where the carmaker will have the chance to use the community power of the Internet and MSN Spaces in an entertaining manner in order to advertise their brand.

Joanne Bradford, vice president and chief media revenue officer for MSN, says, “Deeper brand integration into MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces will enable our advertisers to connect with their target audiences in more creative, spontaneous and unobtrusive ways.

“Integrating great advertising opportunities is core to our product development process, and as consumers connect through these new branded entertainment experiences in the MSN environment, the results for advertisers are higher brand awareness and favorability.”

Not only is Microsoft banking on the advertising real estate MSN Spaces offers, they also feel MSN Messenger 7.0 offers advertisers a chance to present their brand in non-obtrusive, viral method. One of the features of Messenger 7.0 are downloadable theme packs. These allow users to customize and personalize their content for the enjoyment of others.

Microsoft also believes the theme packs present advertising opportunities. According to their release, advertisers including Sprite and adidas have signed up to deliver theme packs with the MSN Messenger 7.0 launch.

Denise Clause, e-business manager of Volvo Cars of North America LLC, said of their new advertising plans concerning MSN Spaces, “We’re pleased to be the first and exclusive brand featured in the latest launch of MSN Spaces in the U.S., a unique and popular destination for the types of consumers Volvo is eager to reach.

“MSN’s combination of digital innovation, exceptional creative assistance, comprehensive account support and unparalleled worldwide audience reach has enabled Volvo to consistently attain or exceed its online advertising benchmarks year after year.”

Expect ads to appear as text links and non-obtrusive graphics placed at the top of MSN Spaces pages.

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.