Latest eBay Changes Go Over Better With Sellers

Is eBay Turning Around its Reputation with Frustrated Sellers?

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eBay upset a lot of its sellers over the last year and a half or so with various announcements and policy changes. Evidence of this is all over the web on message boards, blog comments, and social networks.

Last week, eBay announced its latest round of changes, and while not everyone is 100% happy with them (that’s got to be impossible anyway), they seem to be going over relatively well compared to previous announcements. How are they going over with you? Tell us.

AuctionBytes conducted a poll on the changes to find out which ones people thought were good, and which ones they thought were bad. Following are some results they got for individual changes. These are the ones that got the most negative responses:

Starting in April, there will be a new structure for PowerSeller Final Value Fee discounts. The Final Value Fee discounts will change to 20% for eBay Top Top-rated sellers and 5% for all other PowerSellers.

Good: 21.7%
Neutral: 28.7%
Bad: 49.6%

The current PowerSeller icon will no longer be displayed on buyer buyer-facing pages including item pages.

Good: 12.8%
Neutral: 42.5%
Bad: 44.8%

Starting in October, a new eBay Top Top-rated seller status will be added to the PowerSeller program to based on the new way to look at DSRs (very few 1s and 2s). eBay Top Top-rated sellers will receive the highest PowerSeller Final Value Fee discounts (20%), increased visibility in search results for Fixed Price listings, exclusive access to purchase Featured First and a prominent Top Top-rated seller badge on item pages:

Good: 31.0%
Neutral: 27.5%
Bad: 41.5%

Even these are getting fair amounts of "good" votes, so clearly not everyone is displeased. There are a lot more positive votes on other changes, which you can check out at AuctionBytes’ blog here.

On the other hand, you can see how a lot of users really feel by perusing the comments in our own coverage of eBay’s latest announcement here also. It’s not all glowing, believe me.

eBay announced this week that they were starting to test the new top-seller badges.

Top Rated Seller badge

"Over the next few weeks you may see a new seller badge appearing on some item pages and in search results," the company said in a statement. "This badge is part of the new eBay Top-rated seller status announced last week and launching in October. Starting this week and over the next few weeks, we’ll be testing the badge in search results and item pages for a small percentage of eBay traffic."

Are you in the majority that feel eBay’s latest changes are a step in the right direction? Which changes do you like? Dislike? We want to hear from WebProNews readers.

Latest eBay Changes Go Over Better With Sellers
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  • Larry Phillips

    Overall, I think the eBay changes were OK. But there are two “stinkers” hidden in there, and these two bad apples spoil the whole barrel, in my opinion.

    First, eBay will now automatically send payment reminders to buyers at 48 and 96 hour intervals. While this will be a positive for many sellers, it is also a negative for many sellers. And eBay is not permitting sellers to opt out of these reminders, or set the timeframe for when these reminders should be sent. I make a lot of multi-item sales, and am fine with a customer waiting as long as 7 days while they complete their purchases. receiving a payment reminder from eBay will upset and frustrate these buyers. It will potentially reduce the size of their orders, and may also cost me additional Paypal expense due to additional transaction fees. They should offer an opt out. Thus far, they have stated no opt out, because “site-wide consistency is important in setting community expectations.” That translates to the Project Manager screwed up, but we’re not going to admit it, and make those who want an opt-out suffer with this change. In the discussion forums I visit, at least 90% agree that an opt-out should be available. I’ve sent emails to several eBay managers, but thus far have not received a response.

    Second, multiple low DSR scores from the same buyer will count against you. this means one person can knock you out of Top Seller status, reducing your final value fee discount from 20% to 5%. eBay has stated that they will increase their review of these situations, but I’m not convinced that’s enough, and because they do not allow sellers to know who left the low DSRs, it will be impossible to track. There are several ideas being floated among the users to reduce the possibility of sabotage, including blocking buyers who leave a low DSR score, eliminating DSR anonymity, and others. I hope eBay decides to implement a solution to resolve this before it costs sellers a lot of money, and becomes a fee increase in disguise.

    As you can see, these two changes can spoil the whole tone of what otherwise can be viewed as a set of positive changes.

    • Guest

      the jist of it is-if you get 1 buyer leaves you a 1 or 2 star rating out of 100,then you are punished,and i suppose if it goes higher they there will be more trouble,out of every 100 items sold all you need is one late delivery/missing item and the buyer will give you a 1star,what chance have you got ,even though you may post item same day,keep proof of delivery,you still suffer down to postal service being bad

  • Boycott Ebay

    These seller changes are NOT better. The 20% discount will not be attainable because there will be blind bidders to bring your rating down rendering the seller inelligible. Ebay is also hiding the buyer identity from the seller. Ebay is worse now than it was last year. I closed my store. I will no longer buy or sell from Ebay, Paypal or any of its affiliates.

    Ebay is also making sellers incorporate their shipping fees into the price, because they are greedy and that will raise the listing fees and final value fees.

    Five free listings is a joke. They raised the final value fees on those.

    And then there is the 3.5% Paypal charge. Ebay has lost so many sellers and buyers they are trying to drain every penny they can out of people.

    More money for Ebay – less for the sellers. Ebay is no longer a viable venue. Where are the buyers? My sales have progressively dropped week after week after week.

    Fire John Donahoe – Death to Ebay Corp. 2009

  • Conkeeper

    Was listing and selling over 1500 a month, now with all the restrictions, fees, catches they have I am lucky to do 500 a month. Buyers can leave a negative, sell sells can not, one sided deal, sell am item for 2.00 and you might make .75 on it

  • http://www.kentuckyspecialfx.com Kentucky Special FX

    When ebay made changes so that only buyers can leave negative feedback sellers have no way what so ever to protect them selves against mean people in general.
    I have been a good standing member since 2001 and have jumped through hoops for customer satisfaction but buyers take advantage of this and force sellers to literatly loose profit by demanding this or that or else they will leave negative feedback.
    Oh! did I mention the 3.5 precent pay pal fees and the raised final value fees on the 5 free listings a month.
    Im trying to figure out why ebay is shooting itself in the foot intentionally.
    Sellers make ebay not buyers, buyers will come and go but you tick off a bunch of sellers and thats it, your done.
    I for one am considering leaving for good.
    Not to mention ebay dosent care about intellectual property rights unless you are a massive multi million dollar company.
    We have had to spend thousands suing other weekend warrior sellers infrining on or copy rights that ebay wont back up.
    Once we get enough money saved up you can best bet were comming after ebay.

    • Guest

      I agree wholeheartedly with what you say. I would also agree that E-bay, far from being the on line car-boot sale it once was, is fast becoming the market place for spare time traders. It’s time the two entities were separated. I also think it’s a damn cheek when you are not allowed to withdraw any more than a certain amount from your own money after selling unwanted items, UNLESS you are prepared to divulge all your personal details to these people! Who do they think they are? What other business would treat it’s clients like this?

  • http://www.myjacobfamily.com Guest

    I only started using eBay some three months ago, but my experiences are overall positive. I sell most of what I offer, but then I work in a relatively specialist area. Getting paid by the odd customer can be difficult, I am still awaiting payment from a major buyer three weeks later. Perhaps such people should be barred from eBay for a period.

  • double standard

    American sellers will not be affected by international buyers who leave low ratings – and will only have low ratings from inside the U.S, this is due to slow customs/ Yet Canadians are affected by U.S. buyers who leave a low rating (due to customs – strictly a double standard – more like play in you own back yard – ebay com is ours for Americans and you stay home where there are no buyers/

  • http://oaktreehomeandgarden.co.uk Neil

    If anyone thinks these changes are being well accepted by sellers just read the hundreds of comments on the powerseller forum.

    It’s plain and simple, extra income for ebay, more expenses for sellers.

  • GlobalSellerS

    If you register in ebay, please keep your eyes opened their terms and conditions. they don’t claim they are “auctioneer” even they widely used the term “auction” in their website and promo. This is basically linked to many legal issues which ebay may not bear your risks, however, they are charging you to sell!!!!

    eBay is actually eating the “rotten fruit” of monopolized, they once thought that they dominated the market enough and forced users, espeically sellers to use their subsidiary company, Paypal, and could charge higher in their dreamy one-stop fees LINES. selling , you have to pay listed, final value fees, features fees, transaction fees. The incident happened in ebay australia was the best lesson to teach them monopolized flame could be obstructed by sellers at the end in 2008. In australia, many experienced sellers left the market because of this incident. And we are one of those sellers. The later ridiculous DSR, feedback system were totally non-sense. somehow, it is really ridiculous to image a management team could think out of such unfair system to sellers and to teh platform and still think it would work because of the monopolised market share? NO, see how many sites worth to sell, how many new sites started to sell online on their own websites after they left. choices are more and even free to list, what bother to sell in ebay and accept the unfair feedback system and insecure transaction to sellers? ebay positions wrongly , and forgot whose is the one to pay ebay. Actually, happy to see the result today. In australia, they always used free to list to attract more listing but at the end fees structure even lower will not help. it is good to see their stupid behaviour foster more other auction sites choices and set up website to sell. Paying to the searching engine money is much cheaper than paying ebay listing fee, final value fee, feature fee, transaction fee, etc. privately sell a few of garage items in ebay is ok, but if you want to sell seriously online, ebay is definitely not a good choice, spend the money to in other free sites or set up your own websites and pay comparatively cheaper cost to do advertisement via searching engines, their selling effect will be more effective and long term!

    Still, we will stick to our decision, never return to eBay. there is no protection to a seller at all. even you sell an item, you may also risk to get negative feedback despite you do your job and ebay will rank you in their stupid way; paypal may chargeback your money even you proved that you have sent oout the item to buyer; at the end you lose money in item, listing fee, transaction fee, chargeback fee, item cost, time, money, reputation, unfair account suspension, ebay told your other buyers which you are waiting for them to settle the payment that your account is suspended and it is “fishy” to deal with that seller………the thing is that eBay created the trouble and then misaligned as scammer …………..yes, if you want to try out all these experience. go ahead.

    we step back.

  • http://www.merlinsltd.com Guest

    I used to list on eBay for years until there policies and non involvement with the views of the seller made it a very unfair system and will never return there very unorthodox and constantly changing market place. The rot has set in and the only way for them now is a certain take over by the other up and coming honest and listening sites ,then death.

  • Harmon Barnes

    Better ? More Acceptable? What a joke ! Were you paid by eBay to say what you said? I mean really. Now along with all their overinflated Seller Fees, PayPal Fees and they are going to make us
    charge Shipping Insurance ! Obviously it will be an eBay Shipping Insurance just so they can feed their GREED ! It’s not as if the Founder of eBay isn’t already a MultiMillionair. Making people charge additional for Shipping Insurance is a losing proposition. They are going to lose me and several other Sellers because of it. Hard enough making One Sale with so many Sellers and high fees.
    I have shipped over 1,200 items and Not Once Had Any Lost ! I have also bought numerous items from eBayers without shipping insurance and Not One of Them has Ever Been Lost Either ! eBay is killing itself !

    • Chris Crum

      No, I was not paid by eBay. Just going by the poll results as discussed in the article, which indicate more positive reactions than negative.

      • http://oaktreehomeandgarden.co.uk Neil

        Just had a look on AuctionBytes they had 1,113 people respond to the survey. Considering how many sellers there are on ebay worldwide that number is a pretty small proportion, therefore, I would not take the results as indicative of the majority of ebay sellers.

        • Chris Crum

          True, as with any survey, you have to consider that not everyone is a participant. It is what it is.

      • Guest

        good: 21.7% bad: 49.6% , good: 12.8 bad: 44.8, good: 31 bad 41.5. Thats a vast majority of negative reactions over positive. Then you added in all the people who didn’t care and counted them as being extra positive votes.

        • Chris Crum

          Again, if you read the article, you will see that i point out the ones that are negative, and link to the poll results in their entirety, which show that most of them have more positive responses than negative. I didn’t add in anything. Definitely not biased.

    • http://www.baconsdozen.co.uk Kevin Bacon

      Looking at the ebay forums,other newsletters and other forums etc I wondr how anyone can say these changes have gone down any better than the countless changes before them
      Ebay have totally lost the plot and still traet their sellers with contempt.Its floundering in the do do of its own making and is no longer a viable place to trade for many of its ex customers.
      Ebid and Ecrater work for me and many others,ebay will carry on on its path to self destruction no matter what we do.

  • http://www.ezmousemat.com t’ski

    Chris, are you on ebays payrole now? :-D

    seriously tho, those figures, while maybe better than the last lot still show an overwhealming non-positive response!

    This could be due to a number of issues and not just increased confidence in ebay. The online aution house has haemorraged both buyers and sellers in the last 18months, and not just the con artists.

    I stopped selling on ebay when they announced the implementation of dsr’s, why? quite simply because they did very little about explaining to buyers what they were, what the scores actually related to, and the descriptions attached to the ratings still today which are mis-leading when it comes to how the ratings are used against sellers.

    Couple that with the fact the site is now flooded with mass imported c**p, with upwards of 30-40 identical and blatently mis-categorised listings for this junk, that can be purchased anywhere.. many buyers simply lose interest in trying to find the stuff they were actually looking for. In many categories that have been flooded with these far eastern ‘gadget’ imports ebay has really earned its long held nickname of being the ‘online tat emporium’.

    During a recent spell of being confined to bed, i went on a shopping ‘spree’ on ebay and bought 14 items from 14 sellers, 3 of those resulted in INR disputes with paypal, and only 3 items actually arriving within 7 days of purchase. The remaining 8 arrived in about 10 days!

    Given that many sellers place BIN listings as immeadiate payment, it seems once the money has been collected thoughts about actually posting the item in question quickly disappear.

    Conclusion: ebay may have won sellers back, but in my experience they have got the ones back that needed showing the door originally and the ‘decent’ element are clearly making a sucess of their business elsewhere.

    Maybe it’s time ebay went back to it’s roots and concentrated on what made it a sucess in the first place, because it’s rarely a fun place to buy and sell anymore!

  • http://www.SWCGS.com SWCGS

    I stopped selling on eBay when they started to raise their prices and would only allow Paypal for payments. I WAS a very avid eBay buyer and seller for many, many years. I even closed my store while still in Power Seller status.

    I now have no interest in using their system when there are others that do not cost anywhere near as much. True, they are the dominant force for online auctioning, but they’ve priced themselves right out of the market. They raised the prices for stores, they raised the Paypal fees, they raised the final seller fee…it’s just not right.

    • http://www.poormansurvival.com Bruce

      eBay has become something like the government during the past few years…lots and lots of rules, red tape and fees. Hard to understand them at times but they remain the biggest game in town (although, they are losing out on unique visitors compared to Amazon).
      Although I continue to use eBay, I see more sales coming from my poormansurvival.com site and from free sites such as Craigslist and other online class’d sites.

  • http://www.rickrack.com Bill

    Even by the figures you quote, the majority opinion seems heavily negative. EBay has long had the inclination to fix what isn’t broken, and the fix is usually worse.

    It’s understandable that eBay raises their prices – that’s the way businesses, especially virtual monopolies, work! But the site becomes harder and harder to use, and more restrictive on sellers.

    EBay seems to be gearing itself to large volume sellers – mass produced junque is in the majority now. The site is no longer a person-to-person marketplace for finding unusual items, or will soon cease to be so completely. Instead, just another corporate sales venue.

    The web needs what eBay used to be – a user-to-user site for one of a kind antiques, collectibles, objets d’art, etc. A site that’s user friendly to the home based business or part time seller.

    And one of the worst of the new changes you don’t mention – eBay will no longer allow sellers to charge for shipping insurance, except by including it in the item price or a handling fee. It’s been our experience that buyers of expensive items appreciate the insurance and don’t mind paying for it; now they’ll be kept in the dark about that, too!

    • Chris Crum

      The ones I listed were the ones with the more negative response as mentioned in the article…if you follow the link, you will see that most of the responses favored “good” in the poll.

  • mpheadley

    The changes are irrelevant when the buyer can now skip contacting you the seller before filing a dispute with paypal! I would have easily refunded if contacted first, but the dispute opened up a can of worms that made it impossible for me to instantly refund. Now sellers are ONLY given a choice to prove whether they’ve sent it or not, or to refund the money!

  • http://www.boxesandbags.com Guest

    I guess I am not the only one that is not happy with ebay. I frankly have had it with ebay and have been searching for other online auction sites. Here is a page with lots of links to other sites just like ebay but not as greedy!

    ebay eat your heart out

    • Guest

      Don’t forget to check out this one too! www.ziing.com, they have no listing fees!

  • http://www.swinfordtimepieces.com Guest

    I don’t understand why the continue to make these changes. I know they say to make ebay better, but it doesn’t. The original ebay became a household word very quick. Why, because the business formula was correct. Sure, there were some issues, but there always will be. I personally think the only reason they make changes is because they have a lot of developers needing something to do. Bottom line, they took a no name company and made it a household name in just a few years. Then the new management made changes that damaged the ebay brand.

  • Guest

    Ebay is a joke when it comes to ecommerce. To think otherwise is laughable. At one time we did a substantial business and now we do none on Ebay. Funny thing is Ebay couldn’t care less that we have left their marketplace.

  • http://www.ziing.com Guest

    Ebay used to be a great site, then they got greedy. Well we are what ebay used to be. We get new members every day and we have a lot to offer your growing business with NO risk.


  • http://www.zonakid.com ZonaKid’s OutPost Jewelry

    As much as I hate ebay, as a smaller online seller, I can’t walk away. also as a buyer, it is hard to to walk away also. I was looking for a replacement USB cord for my camera just last night and went to the search egine. I found one at 12.99 & 4.99 S & H. I found another finally at 17.50 with free S & H. This took me about 30 minutes. I went to BONANZLE which I belong to as well and found no listings. I then went to ebay and within 5 minutes found, bought and paid for one for less than $6 including shipping. The irony is that this buyer has their own website, but I probably never would have found it.

    I take advantage of the 5 free listings every 30 days, if they don’t sell, I am not out anything and I start my price at a high enough level to make the sale worthwhile. i my opinion the only alternative as far as traffic is amazon and their fees are as expensive if not more than ebay.

    The only other online selling encouragement that I have seen lately is Bonanzle’s new OPTIONAL affiliate program that you decide what affiliate commission you are willing to pay on complete sales.

    • Guest

      Hey, if you like the 5 free listings every thirty days, you should check out www.Ziing.com, their listings are free everyday!

  • Cynthis

    For us, the bottom line is that eBay sellers can not be held responsible for the length of time it takes a shipping service to deliver a package.

    Two of the DSR’s are based on shipping charges and shipping time. Could making these scores 50% of the DSR’s be a way of ebay to save money.

    If sellers state how long it takes to process a shipment, and selllers ship in promised time, with a receipt from the Post Office for the day it was shipped, then the seller is done his or her job as stated and everything from then on is out of the sellers control.

    Think about it. First Class Mail has no tracking or guaranteed delivery dates. Priority is 2-3 days depending on zip code location… and everything else depends on the shipping service and their efficiency. Seller can not be held responsible for a 3rd party inefficiency!

    If eBay did not count shipping in these 2 areas of the DSR’s it might cost them lots more in Seller Final Value Fee Discounts..

    If there was something a seller could do to speed up delivery after a package is in the hands of the shipper, we wouldn’t be complaining. However, there is Nothing sellers can do. That is why it is completely unfair to be judged in this area and to loose money in discount ability because of it. This ebay tactic can definitely be seen as a backhanded way for ebay to save on seller discount fees.

    • http://www.worldwatching.co.uk t’ski

      I don’t think anyone is under any illusion about ebay and it’s tactics when it comes to DSR’s.

      BUT, the sad truth is that there are also far too many sellers who really do take the p*** when it comes to dispatching goods, couple that with the element that advertise first class post as the service your paying for only to receive the item 10 days later by a far slower and cheaper service it ultimately and i accept unfairly tars many with the same brush through no fault of their own.

      Many sellers also really do not help themselves on this issue.. a quick email stating the parcel has been dispatched would lessen a buyers anxiety when approaching the ‘magical’ 7 day mark immeasureably.

  • Guest

    When they changed the rules for the buyers to leave negative feedback for the sellers, I was in disbelief. A buyer left negative feedback for me over 49 cents. The person said they found the same item for shipping that was 49 cents less than they paid for my item. Ever since then my sales have been off. I eat shipping on every item I ship. Yet, I still get low dsr ratings. Sometimes, I eat as much as $5.00 on one item. I usually ship 10-12 items a day. I even had one buyer reverse the payment after they knew the item shipped. Now, Ebay has added all these new rules and regulations. How does one win? As soon as I can find a place to sell where I make as much as I did on Ebay I’m out of there!!!! They are greedy. They have no mercy for the seller. They will put themselves out of business, and I don’t think they are smart enough to figure that out. One day, they will look around and wonder what happened.

    • Guest

      I agree with you! eBay did the same crap to me! They are so UNFAIR! I went over to Ziing.com and that’s where I sell now. It’s a great site, they are fair people, with fair practices and they don’t charge you to list your items!

  • Guest

    At the end of the day, what eBay is doing is constantly tinkering with details.
    If a Government tinkered with their taxes as often as eBay does, then the business world would be in uproar. It is not always about the value of the taxes, but the fact that the biggest sellers on eBay are genuine businesses, and they are forced to re-write their business plans every month when the rules change.

  • eBayPowerSeller

    EBAY IS NOT A CHARITY, it is a PROFIT MAKING company that aims at maximising its profit by exploiting those sellers who put their trust in eBay and became dependant on it in their livelihood, many have children and families to provide for but eBay continues to abuse sellers and encourage buyers to abuse them as well. eBay (together with paypal) charges approx 20% of every pound, buyers pay it but eBay puts the blame on the sellers claiming that sellers are greedy.

    We sellers often cut our profit to please buyers often by having to offer free delivery but eBay gets the credit because it claims that it controls sellers. We don’t need eBay to tell us how to do business, eBay has no clue about every trade but only about how to increase its profit.

    Any buyer can now buy an item without paying, then use the feedback game to extort the seller for additional discount or free items, then if seller disagrees, buyer can leave negative feedback without even paying. eBay do not take any extortion seriously, they tell you anything such as, because feedback was left before, or after, or this buyer requested free delivery not free items, or buyer requested another item on the listing not one that is not included in the listing etc .. If a seller leaves, another one will come to grab the opportunity.

    Luckily more than 95% of buyers are good people but those few abusers supported by eBay can cause extreme damage to sellers.

    eBay is acting against principles of fairness, human rights and democracy.

    I thought deeply about it and found two solutions:

    1) PowerSellers may establish an eBay Traders Trade Union in every country, like many other trades, then we can have the power to demand fairness by arranging strikes or even leaving eBay all at once. We have to get together to confront abuse by eBay, we must be together not rivals.

    2) Power Sellers may get together and arrange to establish an OPEN SOURCE MARKET PLACE that is well managed by an elected governing council. Many programmers would love to take part in this process. This will guarantee equal rights to both buyers and sellers, and cut the cost down dramatically, the fees can VERY EASILY fund such a project..

    Thank you for reading.

    Frustrated Power Seller


  • http://www.Tribal-Sports-Wear.net Wholesale T-Shirt Club

    I’m a seller on eBay and I do agree some of the changes they have made do not agree with me either. However, some of those changes have been great for me. I also believe that some of the new changes coming in October will also be a great thing for me. I just wish eBay would shift their focus onto the sellers more so than the buyers. A great example is the DSR’s; sure Item Description and Communication is something I as a seller can control. Though shipping charges and shipping time is something that I have no control over. It has also come to my attention that most buyers on eBay do not even know what a fair shipping charge should be. UPS and USPS Priority mail it’s cheap anymore (with all the rate hikes). Ultimately, it comes down to one thing and one thing only. It’s eBay’s house and they can do what ever they want! If sellers wanted to sell in my house, then they would have to follow my rules. Though I would listen to my sellers, since with out them, I’d have no house. On the other hand, with out buyers, I’d have an empty house.

    Wholesale T-shirts and blank apparel club

    T-Shirts, Polos, Hoodies and More.
    Open to the public – no minimums

  • Guest

    How they can turn a great company into a shitty one, I don’t know.

    How hard is it not to do anything?

  • http://www.homesolarpowersystems.org Home Solar Power Systems

    I haven’t used eBay for selling my product. eBay announced its latest round of changes but let me see how the test of the new top-seller badges goes..

  • http://www.multi-sale.com JamesterDude

    Ebay Bad for sellers good for folding it would appear that is the best way to fold a failing business after all if you force out sellers what will there be to buy?
    I have been selling over the last month or so on eBay consistanly sold $1200 plus in stuff got 26 positive feedbacks no neg’s and theiir new dsr rediculous concept suspended my selling priviledges not based on new stars received based on old ones already there and whats worse is since the star stuff started on 32 people chase 2 start options and 31 the other two yet we have sold several hundred items over that year(115 positive feedbacks)I will no longer pay the hand thats bitten bitten when feeding them fees. I found a promising ne Free auction site thats Twitter Enhanced!
    http://www.multi-sale.com while they May not have ebays foot traffic they have no rediculous rules or fees

  • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

    Ebay refuses to “Allow” me to collect payment via Money Orders and Checks. 100% of my clients are Very Happy Campers. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    The Sherman Act GUARANTEES and MAINTAINS my Right to collect payment as I see fit. I ONLY accept Money Orders and Checks.
    So, I have a New “Home”.
    Bring your Antique Lamp Bases.

  • http://www.giobikes.com John

    Well, whatever with these changes. Traffic on ebay is low nowadays, ebay fees are stupidly expensive and stuff doesn’t sell.

    EBay does likes to exploit sellers and they do it the best then anybody I’ve seen.

    Damage has been done. We will never go back on ebay in the same force we used to sell. We use ebay as liquidating busted shtuff which noone wants and we dont care what price it goes for. This is what ebay is good for.

    If you are a big online business then should put more effort in making your web site better and find ways to bring traffic. Use ebay as one of the venues such as SEO, ADwords and others.

    Thanks for listening.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency collection

    E-bay use to be real auction with real products. It now has turned into a white trash flee market. Although you still come across some deals you still have to dig through 400 pages of chinese made junk to find what your looking for.

  • Marie

    Part of the reason as I see it that the Auctionbytes survey did not really capture the true feeling of sellers is for two reasons. The survey did not hit enough sellers for a true picture and many of those that answered neutral more than likely did not completely read or possibly understand the upcoming changes. And I mean no disrespect by that at all. I mentor many sellers and I am a seller myself. It is surprising to me how many sellers do not completely read these very important announcements. They may skim them, but not really go through them closely. It’s like learning the program for any other job you may be doing outside the home. You have to do your homework to truly succeed.

    Now with all that said, one of the most devastating changes they are making in my opinion is the TRS [Top Rated Seller]. I really believe that many sellers are not completely understanding the impact this program will have on them and that is why we are not seeing a complete and utter uproar over this like there should be. This program which was just revised again the other day but unfortunately not enough will severely impact a sellers ability to sell their Buy It now listings over the upcoming Holiday season. I guess this is our Christmas Gift this year from Ebay. Only a very small portion of Power Sellers will qualify for this program and the rest of us, no matter how good of a seller you are will be lowered in Best Match [BM]. This is a disaster waiting to happen and will cause many sellers to have to close their businesses. They won’t have the sales to support the fees they have to pay eBay, much less be able to pay themselves for all their hard work.

    This will NOT just affect PS. This is going to signifcantly affect regular sellers too. While the requirements are different for PS and only PS can be TRS now, the regular sellers still have to abide by the new 1 & 2 rule on the DSRs to have higher place in BM. So many good and hardworking people will be put out of business over this upcoming holiday season. Shame on you Ebay. You always forget who built the business in the first place. The past 2 years has just been a nightmare for sellers and you just keep on sending the hits. So many great minds at eBay and they can’t see past their egos. If they would build back up their sellers, the buyers will come. If they fix that worthless search program, buyers would shop more. Someone please get a clue before it is jut too late.

  • Guest

    I have yet to pay an ebay bill, they usualy have some conflit and shut me down before it gets that far, I have been shut down for selling an AK 47 sling, for those who do not know it is a web cloth sling that goes on an ak 47 and not a gun or part. I have been shut down because they do not like me selling german items that are ww2 era, they now try to regulate that I can not leave neg feed back, that I have to take praypal which can freeze an account at will. They charge so much that I loose money on small itmes, Gun broker has much more than guns and has no such limitation. I can put an original nazi flag captured by a vet of the 101 AB and there is no outrage, I can sell an magazine for a luger and there is not a ban of my account. fleabay and praypal are getting to involved in the business of its customers. The buyres are not eBay customers, the sellers are. I have closed several accounts and left my bills unpaid in protest. I now do nto use epray.




    Why would eBay management be contracting costly outside marketing research firms to conduct numerous

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