Larry Page, Google Look Into AI

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Larry Page spoke before the Annual American Association for the Advancement of Science conference on Friday, and he made some fairly standard remarks about working harder to solve humanity’s problems. One mildly interesting thing popped up, though: Page mentioned that Google is developing artificial intelligence.

All right, so that’s more than a little bit interesting. “We have some people at Google [who] are really trying to build artificial intelligence and to do it on a large scale,” the Google co-founder declared. “It’s not as far off as people think.”

What kind of product does that comment foreshadow, and what kind of timeframe does it imply? Well, nobody knows, but there are a lot of Terminator references floating around the Web, balanced out by numerous repetitions of the “do no evil” mantra. Some people have already picked out a name for the AI; Data seems to be a popular choice.

Google is known for its search engine, of course, and not for its androids, but Page led listeners in that direction. According to CNET’s Stefanie Olsen, the Google co-founder explained that “[t]he programming language of humans . . . would include the workings of your brain.” Page also guessed “that the brain’s algorithms weren’t all that complicated and could be approximated, eventually, with a lot of computational power.”

It sounds as if Page is anticipating a walking, talking Googlebot, or at least some sort of disconnected head. Given that there’s already a life-size spaceship model at the Googleplex, it doesn’t seem like a huge leap.

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Larry Page, Google Look Into AI
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  • Ian Parker

    ?Quires dormir con fosforo?

    I have been looking at Google’s translation factility and can find very little, if any, improvement “In the season of spring I looked for a partner. I went to computer dating and found a match.” “En la estaci

  • Joey Reyes

    Google has resources, they can do it. If I myself have such resource, why not. Its just a matter of imitating life. Complex algorithms will always be conquered. We have not seen the best minds yet. Just wait for the gamers generation (your kids) do their thing in the next couple of years.

    AI will just be another tool for humans. But just like all inventions, there will be good and bad side with AI.

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