Keyword Report: Indiana Has a Beach?

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Searches for beach information have spiked, according to Yahoo, just in time for the start of summer. Searchers are even looking for beaches in Indiana.

If you’re like me, someone searching for "Indiana Beach" sends you into hysterics as you remember miles of straight, flat roads lined by corn stalks – and absolutely nothing else until you get to Indianapolis. Either that, or some gangsta wannabe misspelled what he was looking for. It’s spelled bee-otch, I think.

Indiana Beach is actually an amusement park on the shore of Lake Shafer.

As for real beaches (not bee-otches), South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is the people’s champion, coming in as the number one search. North Myrtle Beach (for the old folks that like their oceanic getaways quieter, less commercial, and with fewer cruising teenagers) made an appearance at number 13 as well.

Virginia Beach, another rather quiet spot (at least it was 20 years ago – it could have and probably has changed), comes in just behind Myrtle. Why so many East Coast beaches on the list? Well, three-quarters of the US population is east of the Mississippi River.

For those of you search marketing to the beach crowd, here are the top 20 searched-for beaches, according to Yahoo.

1.    Myrtle Beach
2.    Virginia Beach
3.    Panama City Beach
4.    Indiana Beach
5.    Laguna Beach
6.    Daytona Beach
7.    Pismo Beach
8.    Orient Beach
9.    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
10.    Huntington Beach
11.    Long Beach
12.    South Beach
13.    North Myrtle Beach
14.    Jones Beach
15.    Rehoboth Beach
16.    Falcon Beach
17.    Newport Beach
18.    Blizzard Beach (Disney World)
19.    Venice Beach
20.    West Palm Beach

Keyword Report: Indiana Has a Beach?
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  • Renee

    So, obviously you didn’t find a beach in Indiana either, huh?

    • Jason Lee Miller

      not a one…maybe they’re looking for beeches

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