Kevin Rose Unveils MacWorld Goodies

    January 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Digg’s founder has followed up his 2005 Macworld scoop with one for the 2006 show, as his sources deliver a list of the latest toys hidden under Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck.

Photocasting and a 15″ Intel-based Mac laptop should be the latest developments out of Macworld. Rose was privy to information before last year’s Macworld and proved correct, which does lend credence to his list for this year.

That Intel-based machine will have dual-core processors on board, and will be thinner than current Mac models. The first units should reach the early-ordering faithful in February, Rose posted.

Another type of casting, via iPhoto, should get the royal Jobs treatment as well. Photocasting lets users distribute photos much in the way podcasting does for audio files. That could signal a greater use of images in RSS feeds, followed by demand for support for them as Google Reader provides.

An iPod FM receiver, the newest version of Mac OS X with new widgets, iWork/Life ’06, and some type of remote device round out Rose’s list. We’ll see how accurate Rose’s source is after Jobs’ keynote at Macworld takes place today.

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