Kevin Rose Presents New Digg Features

    September 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Digg’s main dude provided the narration for a video about new features on the social media site, as the company announced some forthcoming updates on Digg through the rest of 2007.

If you haven’t given a Shout to your friends on Digg, the opportunity exists for you to do so. Rose talked about the Share feature for Digg stories, to alert friends to ones you like, and the Favorites option to save stories to a special list in your profile.

That profile arrives as one of over 50 new features Rose said have been added to the site. Diggers can drop photos onto their profiles, and provide more personal information as they can on sites like Facebook.

In late October, Digg should launch a long-expected Images section. This will let people submit and Digg images, as they currently do with videos and podcasts in their respective sections of Digg.

A couple of other advanced features should arrive before the end of the year. Digg Alerts will be able to be set for weekly or daily digests of content. Such content can be designated by specific topics, suggestions from friends, or keywords with a desired number of Diggs.

The other advanced feature, a recommendation engine, will suggest stories based on what a Digger has Dugg previously, and on their interests.

For the full Digg effect on video, Rose’s discussion may be found posted on BitGravity.