Keep Your Fonts Crispy

    September 4, 2003

I am a woman of plus size and was very interested in viewing your site as I have an interest in your product. I am using Internet Explorer 5.0, 800 X 600, my screen is about 13″.

The first thing I noticed was how some of the text would get “lost”. I have very good eyesight and still had to focus on some of the text. The font is very small and it tends to fade or feather, i.e. it’s not crisp. Especially the two lines of text at the bottom of your pages. I like the earth tones (taupe,grey and brown) in your colour scheme but the black background tends to ‘wash-out’ the colours. However, when you go to item description pages the text in on a grey slate background. Everything is crisper and punched up a bit. It’s looks really nice!

I noticed some continuity errors on your “shop” pages. Bombshell and Signature pages: the item names are not bolded like the other item pages. Bombshell page is missing the two bottom ‘bits’; 1)enter your email and 2)Questions box.

On your “news”, “company” and “info” pages the text gets lost and is very hard to read. Use that wonderful slate colored table that I’ve seen on the item descriptions pages and on your boutiques page. On the “info” page the sizing chart is very hard to read. Can’t see the numbers in the colour you’ve chosen.

I love the product and the navigation. As a consumer I would consider buying your product. If I had bad eyesight I might overlook the site. Personally, the colour scheme is classy but needs to be coordinated differently to make the colours crisp and punched up. The font needs work. On my computer they “feather” a lot!

Love what you are creating!

webmaster for

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