Keep Track of Your Tracks with This Google Android App

    February 12, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google is showcasing a new application for Android today that keeps track of you traveling path or "tracks." It’s called My Tracks, and it lets you record GPS tracks and view live statistics such as time, speed, distance, and elevation – while hiking, biking, running or participating in other outdoor activities. You can then share this info with friends.

The following video provides a fantastic demonstration on how to install My Tracks, how to use it, and how to share your info:

A couple of other things you can use My Tracks for are Sending performance statistics to Google Docs to build a training history and marking places and describing activities for others to discover via Google Maps. 

My Tracks Map

You can share your tracks in a variety of different ways. You can use any other Android application that sends messages. This includes Twidroid, which allows you to Tweet your tracks via the ever-popular Twitter.