Justin.tv About to Get More Useful

    July 27, 2009
    Chris Crum

Justin.tv, the live streaming video site, which recently launched a Facebook app to allow users to watch video right from Facebook, has now released an API. The goal is to get people developing much more useful ways to use Justin.tv.

Justin.tv API "We want to make live video ubiquitous across the Web," says Justin.tv. "We know there are dozens of use cases that live video would be perfect for: customer support, pay per view entertainment, remote education, collaborative gaming…the list is expanding every day."

Justin.tv’s API is broken down into two pieces – REST and Flash. The former is for providing information about existing Justin.tv data and broadcasts, while the latter includes the live player and broadcaster, which are fully customizable.

Justin.tv Video Player

"The possibilities for live video applications are really only limited by your imagination," the company says. "Want to create a custom-skinned player? You can do it. Integrate with your own service’s existing profile and identity system? No problem. Think you can make a great live video search engine, if only you had access to the stream data? Now you have it."

In addition to the API, Justin.tv is also open sourcing some apps. One of these is Camtweet, which lets you share live video on Twitter using a standard webcam or screen capture software.