Just HOW Important is my E-Zine?

    July 8, 2000

“Do I really need to publish a newsletter or ezine in order to be successful online?” “How difficult is it to begin one?” “Do I have to be a writer to do my own newsletter?” These are questions I get asked all the time by those who are exploring the possibility of starting their own online newsletter or ezine.

Perhaps you’ve put up a website. Build it and they will come – yea, right. So you start investigating the best ways to drive traffic to your site. And you’ve learned that ezine publishing seems to be a common thread among website owners. But why?

By publishing a newsletter and building a rapport with your subscribers, you are revealing to them that you are serious about your business and about the trust that they have placed in you. By remaining in constant touch with them, you show them that you are there for the long haul, and that your website – and your business – is not a “hobby” that you might abandon when something that interests you more comes along.

Those of you reading this who already publish a newsletter or ezine know exactly what I’m talking about. Getting it ready for publication each week is part of our business, a task as important as answering our email. And some weeks it’s harder than others!

But the rewards, both personal and professional, are enormous. The feedback I get from my readers each week have made my ezine publishing a labor of love, and I mean that sincerely. Apart from the obvious benefits to my bottom line, the input I receive from my subscribers can sometimes impact my whole attitude. I can be having a really bad day and one kind comment from someone who knows that I really care about my readers can keep me at my keyboard when I might otherwise be tempted to retreat to my room to curl up with my herbal tea and lose myself in some mindless TV program (and I have done that on occasion as well!)

In short, I don’t believe I would still be working as hard building my business if I hadn’t started a newsletter. And I know that if I ever gave it up, I’d miss it terribly! Too much sweat and tears have gone into this venture to consider walking away at this point.

So how important is my e-zine to me? In my mind, it’s the glue that holds my business together and a constant reminder of how important my readers and customers are to me. Without their trust and support, I have no business.

It’s as simple as that.

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