Journalists Rely Increasingly on Blogs

    November 8, 2007

I used to wait impatiently for Don Middleberg and Steven Ross to release their annual study on how reporters and editors use the Internet. Don sold is agency several years ago and the survey vanished. Fortunately, the Arketi Group is out with some data in its 2007 Web Watch Survey, according to MediaPost.

Of key interest is the increasing acceptance of blogs as a source. A whopping 84% of journalists participating in the study said they have or would use blogs as a primary or secondary source while researching an article. A quarter of those surveyed said blogs make their jobs easier. Fifty-four percent say blogs have sparked story ideas and 72% say reading blogs is part of the average of 20 hours per week they spend on the Net.

It wasn’t that long ago that journalists (among others) were shrugging off blogs, claiming that most blog posts used articles written by journalists for mainstream media as their source. It seems that things have done a complete turnaround, or at least a balance has been achieved.

The full report is available here, but you have to become a sales lead by submitting information about yourself.