Gets Big Offers

    October 22, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

I ran into Joe the Plumber this morning. He said he and Joe Six Pack plan to celebrate their newfound fame tonight by gettin’ lit and layin’ pipe.

Those guys!

Another Joe the Plumber, this one in Amarillo, Texas, is about to score big time with his domain. Gets Big Offers
In case it’s possible you missed it, the debate between John McCain and Barack Obama last night was a colorful one, to put it mildly—at one point I fully expected McCain to get up and deck his opponent. From the very start McCain invoked the name of Ohioan John Whatsaburger—Wurstabooger—Whosabacher—well, McCain had trouble with the name, too, transforming Joe Wurzelbacher first into Joe Wurzelburger and eventually and repeatedly into Joe the Plumber.

McCain brought him up as an example of a small business owner who would be affected by Obama’s tax increase on those making over $250,000 per year—the upper two percent, according to Obama. McCain said Joe wanted to buy the plumbing business he worked for but wouldn’t if there was to be a tax increase. You betcha it was as memorable collection of moments since Sarah Palin brought up Joe Six Pack.

The Texas Joe the Plumber is basking in some free publicity as his Amarillo-based business is being bombarded by media phone calls. One report says he’s received offers in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for his domain, and that he’s suddenly not so attached to it anymore.

No doubt, Joe. Take the money and the publicity and run. You’ll never get attention like this again. Sell and reinvent yourself as Jake the Snake, or Joe the Guy that Got a Half-Million Dollars for a Silly Domain Name Just Because a Politician Kept Saying It on National Television.