JBoss Portal 2.4 Opens For Developers

    August 30, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Red Hat’s JBoss division announced the availability of a new version of their portal software, with full clustered content management system capabilities and Web Service for Remote Portlet (WSRP) support.

The general release of JBoss Portal 2.4 became available with those significant additions. WSRP benefited from the development of several new features:

•  Ability to easily consume portlets from remote producers

•  Seamless integration of WSRP portlets in portal

•  Support for simple registration schemes

•  Simple caching of markup and metadata

•  Support for WSRP Base level (support for service description and markup interfaces)

•  Local portlets can easily be exposed remotely to WSRP consumers

•  Includes a local WSRP producer to easily test WSRP in Portal (‘self’ portlet provider)

JBoss Portal is a standards-based development platform. Through the use of modular applications, called portlets, web developers can deploy JSR-168-compliant features with web framework or collaboration functions on their portals.

For scalability, the JBoss team added render-view caching for improved performance, a clustered portal state, and fully clustered CMS. Administrators on the JBoss Portal can manage users and roles so those who require access can have it at the level they require.

Users of previous versions of JBoss will find a migration application in place starting with version 2.4. That provides an automated walk-through for those upgrading from 2.2.x to 2.4.x, according to the JBoss release notes.

Developers can also view the JBoss Portal 2.4 TestSuite to view results of the nightly test of the codebase.

TestSuite shows the build results, and metrics on broken versus successful builds, and uses CruiseControl for this usage.


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