Java Problems On Win98

    June 5, 2003

Question: I am running Win98 and Explorer 6. Recently, I am having a problem with Java. I have not changed any of my setting in IE, but it will not run certain Java pages anymore. I have tried to re-install the latest version of IE 6, but it is still the same. I installed the latest Java plugin, but it is still the same.

It is more than 1 page or site this is happening on, so I do not know what to do now. I’ve contacted java support and they couldn’t find what was wrong either. As I said all my setting are the same as before. I’ve tried to change them, but it makes no difference.

All I get is a broken link? (a box with a square, triangle and a circle in it.)

Any suggestions?

BTW, I had recently run a registry program which deletes all old unused registry entries. I did try to revert back afterwards, but it did not make any difference either.
Rick Wideman

Carey’s answer:

First of all, I never recommend running any registry cleaning programs. Many people who are having no problems with their computer will run these programs as preventive maintenance, only to end up with numerous unfixable problems as a result.

I would recommend that you visit and download the latest version of Java for Windows. If it still does not work, a re-installation of Windows may be necessary to fix the damaged registry.

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