Its A Secret, Shouted the Xbox PR Guy

    May 11, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Okay, so I fell for it the first time. With everybody else, I sniggered about Bill Gates’ “goof” when he told a group of reporters in Seattle about when the new Xbox would launch. Two weeks later, Internet news is hot again with cat-out-of-the-bag stories.

So Microsoft teamed up with MTV to do an Xbox 360 preview and presented their wares to a Los Angeles studio audience of 200 people. And then, they asked the audience to keep it under their hats until the show was broadcast.

And whodathunkit? Tech-savvy Microsoft didn’t think to have the audience check their camera phones at the door.

Now there are more Xbox 360 images on the net than of Paris Hilton’s neverminds.

Okay, maybe not that many.

Now, I’ve never asked 200 people to keep a secret for me. One person is risky enough. But it seems awfully convenient techworld buzz for a soon to be launched product that runs a consistent second place to PlayStation.

Maybe they goofed again. Maybe the Microsoft PR and advertising machine is made up of absent minded and bumbling Jerry Lewises. But if I had to bet on it, they’re taking the gullible public for a ride on this one.