Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays?

    November 5, 2003

If your website does not recognize special holidays and events, your site visitors and customers may get the impression that your site content is stale. The task to prepare your site for the holidays (or a current event) does not have to be a time consuming project.

For example, to prepare for the Christmas season, you can quickly ready your site by adding a snippet of holly to your subtitle heading images, logo or banners.

Simply rename your “normal” images to something else, prepare your seasonal images (with the same dimensional size as your normal images) and upload them to your server. Your seasonal images will replace your standard images on your server. When you are ready to change them back, change the names of your “normal” images on your computer system to what it was originally and upload.

Here’s a an example:

Our logo is named btlogo.gif on our server and on our computer system. When the Christmas season approaches, we rename btlogo.gif on our computer system to “btlogo-std.gif”. We then edit this file to prepare it for the holidays (add holly, bells, greetings, etc.) and name it as btlogo.gif. We then upload it to our server. The existing logo on our server will be overwritten. The dimensional size stays the same so editing of the HTML is not necessary.

After the Christmas season, we rename btlogo.gif on our computer system to btlogo-Christmas.gif, so we can use it again next year. We then rename btlogo-std.gif on our computer system to btlogo.gif and upload it to our server. This replaces the seasonal logo on our server with our standard logo.

Cool, eh? It may sound a little complicated, but it is not at all. It’s effective and saves us tons of time.

Of course, you could change your entire site’s design for the holidays or just specific pages with one of our easy-to-use holiday themed web templates. We have many to choose from at only $5.00 USD each.

Go shopping for holiday web templates!

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