Is Your Web Site Worth $287 Million?

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Is your web site worth $287 million dollars?

If not, maybe you need to read this article.

Don’t get the wrong impression. My web site isn’t worth that much either at this moment, but I can tell you about one that is.

Over one year ago, Mirabilis was purchased by AOL for over $287 million dollars. Although this company was just a small business with one major software program, it was worth absolute millions to the major corporation of AOL.

ICQ and can be visited at http://www.icq.com. This software enables anyone on the Internet to engage in chats or to personally contact anyone else who is online at the moment and a user of this software.

The most interesting part of the story is that Mirabilis doesn’t sell this software. They give it away for Free. It is available to anyone who wants it online. All you have to do is go to their site or a multitude of other sites and download it to your computer.

As a matter of fact, I checked at http://www.download.com and they report that 968,123 people have downloaded this software from just their site THIS WEEK.

By Mirabilis providing their ICQ software for free, they have received over 968,123 new contacts for their company through http://www.download.com

What if your company could even get one tenth or one hundredth of those results? What if you could receive just 9,681 new contacts weekly without having to spend a penny in advertising? Would that help your bottom line? I am positive that it would.

They are an Internet success story if there ever was one. They can also be an example of success to us in our own online businesses.

Although I currently use such techniques as ezine advertising, banner ads, Goto.com advertising, and more, the KEY to the majority of profitable traffic always has been free advertising.

In a moment, I will also reveal to you the most successful free promotion I have ever done. Before we get to that though, let’s discuss the best business you could ever be involved with online.

Almost every week someone emails me and asks me, “What is the most profitable business online?” When I first started getting these emails, I had a difficult time answering them because I wasn’t positive of the best overall answer.

I no longer have this problem. The absolute best thing that you can promote online is software. It is the easiest thing for any small business to get involved with and possibly achieve almost overnight success.

Think about it for moment. What does absolutely every computer user need? They need software. What has made Bill Gates the richest man on the planet? He is the software guru. If you own a computer, you buy software from him!

You may not be the software creating type though. Perhaps spending hour after hour staring at the codes on the computer just doesn’t appeal to you. Well, you are in good company. It doesn’t really appeal to me either.

The product which runs a close second to software is information sales. Information also has a high value and is low cost to produce. Information can sell at a value of 10 to 1. People are not paying for the paper it is printed on. They are paying for the value that the information represents to them.

Now, with the Internet, you can also sell downloadable information products. You can set up your site so that when someone orders online the product is immediately made available to them for download. Your customers don’t have to wait days to receive their products. They can have them now!

The value of downloadable information sales doesn’t end here though. By offering the information online, it makes it much easier to update your products and it eliminates potential shipping problems. Shipping is quickly becoming a concern for any small business now that we have a global economy.

One advantage that people rarely talk about in regards to electronic information products directly concerns the subject of this article. You can use a downloadable information product as a freebie on your site to attract thousands of new buyers every month.

You can follow the example that Mirabilis has set for us. You can create an information product and turn it into a downloadable software program using many of the low cost tools available. Then, you too can offer the chance for thousands of webmasters to use your information product as a lead generator for their own businesses.

You can be coming in contact with thousands of potential customers every week while these webmasters are generating additional leads or even sales at their site using your information product as a free bonus. It can be a Win-Win situation for everyone involved. They win by adding more value to their sites. You win by being able to contact more potential customers.

We produced our first electronic book for download back in December of last year. It was titled “101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start Online with Little Or NO Money.”

I announced it as a Christmas gift all of my subscribers could download. The first couple of months it was online, it received 500 to 2,000 downloads per week from ONE of my download sites (it was originally available on 2 different sites which were announced equally).

By the way, if you also would like to use “101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start Online For Little Or No Money” as a freebie on your site or as a free bonus with your product, feel free to download it right now from http://www.bizpromo.com/101.exe

I currently estimate that around 1/3 of my current business is still being generated by this one e-book being given away for free on hundreds of sites. I consider it the most valuable promotion my business has ever done.

What does this mean to you? It means that you need to get to work ASAP producing your own free traffic generator for your site. Create something that your prospects would be interested in and offer it for free from your site. I have tested many different free traffic generators and none of them have even come close in the results produced as this one has.

What do you know or have the ability to learn that other people would like to have information on?

Terry Dean, a 27 Year Old Indiana Farm Boy, Reveals His Secret Formula for Generating New Automatic Streams of Internet Income For Any Business In 72 Hours Or Less…Free Report: mailto:formula@bizpromo.com


Is Your Web Site Worth $287 Million?
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