Is Your MS Word Going To Waste?

    November 15, 2002

Are you getting your money’s worth out of your software? If you’re like most people, you only use about 10% of the potential of the products you buy. That could mean that you’re buying multiple pieces of software that all perform the same tasks! That’s a gigantic waste of money that no one can afford. This is precisely what I found in regard to Microsoft Word.

Like most people who buy Microsoft Word, I initially used it exclusively for word processing and nothing else. Upon the recommendation of a colleague, however, I began to dig deeper into all the various tools that Word offers. Here are just a few things I discovered that Microsoft Word can do:

** Create brochures and flyers (yes – in color and with graphics)
– Word has the ability to define columns, insert and edit pictures, include color fonts and backgrounds, and much more.

** Design Web sites –
Didn’t know that Word included an HTML editor? Well it does! You can create your own Web pages right within your Microsoft Word software.

** Edit graphics and photos –
Word also offers the ability to crop, resize, and perform other editing functions to graphics and photos.

** Draw graphics –
With Word’s drawing tools, you can create your own graphics quickly and easily.

** Perform spreadsheet functions –
Word even has the ability to set up and calculate tables, columns, and rows. If you need a simple way to keep track of records, you might not have to pay that additional $40-$50 for Quicken after all. Just let Word handle it.

Did you have any idea? If not, you may be letting your “Word” go to waste. With a little training, you can become a Word pro in a short amount of time and with very little expense.

There are several sites online that offer exceptional instruction for Word in a variety of formats. You might want to visit They offer training courses available in almost every medium including: CD-ROM, video, teleclass, ebook, and more.

Let me give you one note of caution, however. Although Word is an extremely powerful software tool, it is by no means perfect. One area in particular that you should pay additional attention to is Word’s spelling and grammar check. Before any valuable piece is sent out to the public, I strongly recommend that it be professionally proofread. One instance of “it’s” instead of “its” or “complimentary” instead of “complementary” can ruin all the hard work you’ve invested in your document, plus the credibility your customers, prospects, and employees have in you.

Overall, Microsoft Word is one of the most functional pieces of software available to date. If you already own it (and you most likely do), take the time to learn about all its various features and tools. It could save you a lot of time and money in the future. You have my “Word” on it.

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