Is There Room for a MySpace Email?

    January 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

According to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, "sources with knowledge of the product" say that MySpace is working on a full-fledged email product that would compete with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc. With this product, all myspace users would be assigned an email address that would be something along the lines of

Perhaps MySpace is thinking they better have something to fall back on as Facebook continues to crowd it’s personal space in the realm of market share. Maybe they can retain more users if they get them hooked into email accounts.

Eric Eldon at VentureBeat notes that other social networks are making similar moves. He writes, "Notably, smaller rival Bebo has already launched a “social inbox,” that includes integration with, AOL Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, as well as feeds to help you keep track of what’s happening on other services around the web."He also talks about how email services are also getting more social.

Gmail Gaining Ground

Meanwhile, Gmail, which came into the picture about six years ago still continues to steadily gain ground. Is there really competitive room for MySpace in this segment?